Tucker Tells You All You Need to Know About DoJ’s Russian Troll Indictments


The Russians, for all their attempts to influence the election of 2016, failed. What they did succeed in doing is causing chaos, their ultimate goal. Russians held only one successful rally in New York, according to the indictment announced Friday by the Justice Department.

The multi-year, multi-million dollar indictment shows no collusion which was a basis for Robert Mueller’s probe. A word of caution here. The Mueller probe is not over.

The investigation is in two parts: one is to find out what the Russians are doing and two, it is intended to get Trump.

The Hill and other publications claim this is a sophisticated Russian operation. Read the indictment and you be the judge. It appears that the scope of the Russian infiltration involved Facebook and Twitter trolling with mostly ineffective attempts at rallies. One person unwittingly went dressed as Clinton to a rally at Russia’s behest.

The nattering nabobs of fake news, most notably the NY Times, are now claiming they never said there was a case for collusion. That is a lie. All Adam Schiff and his sycophant media could say for months was collusion, collusion, collusion, lots of evidence of collusion.

Collusion has failed so the left is trying to make a case for obstruction.

Instead of grinding the country to a halt over Facebook and Twitter Russian trolls, they should be following up on potential school shooters.

Tucker Carlson and legal expert, Professor Jonathan Turley, explained all you need to know about the Russian Troll Indictments Friday evening on Tucker’s Fox News show.

This Russian troll farm indictment had been widely reported prior to Friday’s announcement. The Russians enjoy disrupting our system and it was especially directed at Hillary Clinton. The Russians thought she was going to win.

If they could attack Hillary using Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, and to a much larger degree, Donald Trump, they were happy to do that. When the unthinkable happened and Trump won, they started to disrupt in a new way. They held two dueling rallies, one for Trump and another “not my President” rally in New York.


This is what the Russians do. Devin Nunes’ statement Friday pointed to an article in 2014 that he wrote alerting to the fact that Russians were trying to do this stuff.

No American was named, no American was wittingly involved, and there was no collusion with the Trump campaign.


The Democrats never worried about Russians before. They share a lot of similar views.


  1. When I read the Indictment I didn’t look up the named statutes and what they covered. Come to find out that none of these defendants have charges related to “elections”, election interfering or anything else. They basically concern wire and bank fraud. If Mueller would have charged them in relation to elections then Christopher Steele would also have to be included at some point in time.

  2. Sceptical here. What about Hillary and her e-mails, Foundation cash, Haiti rip off; and the questionable DOJ and FBI holdover Democrats whose full story will not be known for some town.

  3. Since Mueller indicted Russians for election interference when will Mueller Indict Christopher Steele for election interference and “sowing discord” with his Dossier that was shopped to the media.

  4. Part of the Indictment concerns the use of “false identities” on social media. Well, wouldn’t Comey’s use of Twitter under a false name qualify as a “false identity”.

    This Indictment has been shown as nothing more than a charade, a distraction, when seen in the light that not a one of the “Defendants” are presently in the US. What is the point of not just the Indictment, but the Investigative time spent that results in nothing. Does Mueller believe he can convince Russia to hand over these 13 men. What should be of concern for all Americans is the scope of this investigation. The named entities can be used to create tentacles that could easily reach a point of continuing the pursuit for a decade or more.

    What we Have found so far in all this Russian involvement is a lack of effectiveness. One would assume with all the hype surrounding “Russian interference” there should be some evidence of accomplishment. Our own State Department was highly effective in manipulating the Ukrainian election.

    I seriously doubt any reputable prosecutor would attempt to charge any candidate who speaks with foreign nationals, but that is the talk among the media, even though Presidential candidates have traveled to foreign countries During their campaigns. In fact, it was generally considered “Presidential” and probably Done for that purpose. For this reason it should be incumbent upon Mueller to address the public and state he doesn’t have the authority nor the inclination to pursue the Administration. In not doing so he is an “unwitting agent” of Russian interference in our system of Government.

  5. These Russian’s had all the impact on the election as a fart in a hurricane. How much taxpayer dollars did this cost? how much more before this stupid Mueller wraps this up?

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