Tucker Warns Trump Won’t Win in 2020 If China-Loving Google Isn’t Stopped


Tucker and attorney Harmeet Dhillon warned last night that if Google isn’t stopped, Donald Trump won’t win in 2020. In 2016, it was largely the conservative sites who brought him to victory. They are being buried or erased. We could end up with a globalist or socialist because the Democrats are now hard-left. They are the extremists.

Google has been catering to China’s Communist government, which censors everything their citizens see and hear on the Internet. They are also censoring American Conservatives. Tucker warned last night that if this isn’t stopped, Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election.


This week Google banned ads for virtual private network products that target Chinese users. VPNs are frequently used to bypass the Chinese government’s censorship tools. Last year Google was caught building a special censored search engine just for China. While the project was allegedly canceled after backlash, the evidence suggests it’s still ongoing.

The same thing is happening here – to us – by Google. The evidence of censorship is building. Google seems to be censoring conservative voices on behalf of the Democrat Party and its leftist media comrades.


“Google has been punishing conservatives and hounding them out and criticizing people who support anything conservative for a couple years, ever since the election actually,” Harmeet Dhillon noted during an interview last night on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

“And now that they are openly — and Facebook and Twitter as well, to a certain degree — openly banning and cracking down on conservative speech because they think it is ‘dangerous’ and they want to protect people from these conservative ideas, they are absolutely going to wield that in favor of Democratic candidates. We’ve already seen Google banning ads of the president on immigration.”

“I’m not sure the whole establishment understands that,” Dhillon replied. “I keep saying that and so do you. … I think we are in crisis mode. … If we allow this to continue, if we allow this to happen in 2020, it is game over for conservatives in this country and competition in our politics.”

Google and the other tech giants partner with the partisan, hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center that labels innocent Conservative and Christian individuals and groups as hate groups while ignoring leftist hate groups.

Watch the brief but alarming interview:

Google could switch 12 million votes and we wouldn’t even know it.

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