Tucker Wonders Why We Aren’t Terrified of Full Censorship of the Internet


Tucker Carlson addressed the threat to free speech on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday. He made note of the obvious fact that the left is  “closer to taking total control of the internet” even while they accuse Trump of being a threat to democracy and free expression.

He informed us about the creation of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, a coalition of major companies including Verizon, NBC, Facebook, and Google.

If that doesn’t sound Orwellian, I don’t know what does.

The goal of the organization is to pressure tech platforms to “develop and deliver against a concrete set of actions, protocols, and processes for protecting people in brands.”

“In other words, what they’re really saying, is censorship, and censorship on a vast scale, ” Carlson said.


“If they have their way, this will be the end of free speech online and the death, by the way, of mainstream conservatism,” he added. “Any voice that’s right of center will be tarred as hate speech, Russian trolls or simply bad for business. That’s their game plan.”

“It’s simply a question of whether anybody in power in Washington will do anything to prevent it from happening before it does,” Carlson continued. “You’d think the Trump campaign might be interested in this because there’s no chance the president will be reelected if his supporters can’t speak freely online.”

Don’t you wonder why no one seems very concerned about it? Perhaps Republicans don’t believe it, but I have personally experienced it. They are making the Capitalism Is Freedom page that we post on disappear. This site is constantly under fire and our numbers have literally crashed.

This all began with Barack Obama’s call to shut down so-called fake news. He has always intended to shut down opposing opinions. The man’s a Marxist or worse.

People should be terrified. This is the beginning of the worst type of control. These people are Stalinists.

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