Tucker’s Brilliant Points on Impeachment


Last night, Tucker Carlson discussed impeachment “by some of the saddest and most ineffectual people of America.”

President Trump will join Presidents Johnson and Clinton as only the third President to be impeached.

Tucker said it seems “surreal” because “it’s a terrible idea for the country.” Tucker was stunned that Democrats are doing this despite the fact that the President will not be removed.

The Democrats’ argument is that leaving a President in office until voters can decide is a “threat to our democracy.”

What is the crime — Tucker asks and answers. The crime is the President might have delayed military aid to Ukraine which is given only to antagonize Russians, who have nuclear weapons. This is what the Democrats describe as a threat. Even a pause in tormenting Russia is a threat, Tucker adds sardonically.

The entire impeachment saga is unreal in that the process is doomed before it begins. Democrats have lost support for impeachment. The more they learn about impeachment, the more they don’t want it, Tucker said. That isn’t Tucker saying it, it is the sum total of the polling.

Democrats are literally in denial.

Tucker sees it as a religion for Democrats. He pointed out that what they say is always the opposite of what they say it is. He noted the letter the President wrote which says the Democrats “are the ones interfering in the American elections and bringing pain and suffering to the Republic for their own partisan gain.”

The polling shows this is true but Democrats can’t admit that, Tucker added.

Tucker went into the Russia hoax and concluded that this will destroy Democrats, they know it, and they don’t care.


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