Tucker’s Interesting Choice of a First Interview for O’Reilly’s Audience


Tucker Carlson has chosen – or someone chose for him – to conduct an interview with Kaitlyn Jenner, the former Bruce Jenner who transformed to a woman. It’s an interesting choice for O’Reilly’s audience.

Jenner is a Republican who voted for Trump, but said this week she has had a change of heart about the new administration because of its stance toward the transgender/transexual community. Jenner says she wants to see “equality” and “fairness” and if the Republican party messes with her community “it’s a deal breaker”. She thinks they have to provide more guidance.

On The Five Friday, the panel promoted the interview, but do people really care what Kaitlyn Jenner thinks?

The truth is there is only one O’Reilly, and love him or hate him, it leaves a gap in programming. Starting out with this interview says what?

On Saturday, April 22nd, the NY Times boasted of the “overhaul” at Fox News. “This is what generational change at one of the globe’s most powerful media conglomerates looks like,” the article asserted.

It seems traditional values are only for the old.

The Times tells its readers that the “behavio”r at Fox News was “putrid” and “infighting” was “rewarded”. The Times is fake news and they hate Fox so who knows if anything they say in this puff piece is true.

The article was written by Brook Barnes and Sydney Ember. They seem to think the Republicanism of Fox News was wood rot or some such thing: “The brothers have even shaken up 21st Century Fox’s profile in Washington, replacing their father’s Republican lobbying chief with a Democratic one. One Hollywood friend equated their mind-set to moving into an outdated house and looking for wood rot.”

The younger Murdoch, James, and his Progressive wife Kathryn, were, as we’ve heard so many times before, “embarrassed” by the mostly Republican network – those Neanderthals.

The interview with the transexual Kaitlyn Jenner is probably a statement or a message. This is the new Fox and Tucker’s show will be something totally different from The Factor. It could end up meaning a new audience as well.

James Murdoch is taking a risk here but he might be okay with losing some of O’Reilly’s audience for a new, youthful, left-wing one even if it’s smaller. The Times thinks so. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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