Tulsi Gabbard Will Run for President as Most Confused Democrat


Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Bernie Sanders supporter and Assad something, is running for President, and she is labeled by both right and left as a lover of dictators. She has no chance of winning the Primary, but this run will expose every negative trait she has and some she doesn’t have.

Her views are mostly liberal, but she does go rogue on issues, and you can never guess when that might happen. In fact, she’s all over the place.

In 2012, she was named vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, only to resign in 2016 when she endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. She trashed the DNC on her way out.

Gabbard is most famous, or infamous for her foreign policy.


Gabbard is the first Hindu member of Congress, and she has ties to American Hindus who support nationalist causes in India. According to the Intercept, Gabbard has embraced American supporters of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and they have embraced her as a pro-Modi force in Congress.

Modi is accused of inflicting violence on religious minorities, especially Muslims.


In 2015, she was among a minority contingent of Democrats who joined a Republican bill to restrict refugees coming to the United States from Syria and Iraq. She embraced the term “radical Islam” and, alongside Republicans, attacked former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for not using it. That’s death to a Democrat’s career.

President Trump even interviewed her for administrative jobs in 2016, but she didn’t make the cut.

Some Progressives won’t give her the time of day, although she says she is a Progressive.


Ms. Gabbard went with a church group to meet with Assad, and her sincere goal was peace. There is nothing wrong with talking to dictators. We do it all the time. Take the monstrous President Xi for example.

Her efforts were met with scorn, especially when she came back claiming Assad might not have gassed his own people. Then everyone found out who paid for the trip.

Included in the church group were two officials of a “political party and paramilitary organization founded in Lebanon in 1932, and currently actively engaged in the Syrian civil war on the side of the Assad regime,” according to an investigation by the Daily Beast. The funds for the trip came from one of those officials, Bassam Khawam, an ally of Assad’s. They used her naivèté to spread propaganda.

She paid Khawam back after a firestorm erupted.

S.E. Cupp didn’t spare the criticism:

Gabbard told Jake Tapper she met with Assad to see if there is any way to find peace.



The thirty-seven-year-old is running as a Democrat and she was labeled a homophobe by the LGBT lobby on the first day of her 2020 announcement.

In the early 2000s, she believed in conversion therapy and that homosexuality was a sin. Her father was a pastor which explains it. Gabbard has repeatedly apologized for what she said as a teenager. She was a kid!


Tulsi Gabbard has been labeled a friend of Bashar al-Assad, but that goes too far. She just isn’t sure he gassed his people. Her support, such as it is, ends there. Claire McCaskill says he’s her “bestie in America.”

Everyone says she is Assad’s best friend, and, Glenn Greenwald, who came out only to say she called Assad a “brutal dictator”, is now being unfairly called a supporter of hers and the monster dictator.

Why do people run for President? As to who Gabbard is, we don’t know, no one does, she’s confused or confusing. But she does speak her mind and stick up for what she believes in.

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