Turkey Bans Facebook Pages Insulting Muhammad As Citizens Chant “I Am Hizbullah”


Late Sunday, Facebook was ordered by a Turkish court in Ankara to censor pages insulting the Prophet Muhammad or risk being blocked entirely in the country.

Another court in Turkey banned sites showing the cover of Charlie Hebdo.

It’s probably a good idea considering the attitude of the citizens.

In the SE of Turkey, 100,000 protested and these protests often get violent. The protest was organized by the “Love the Prophet” group and the theme was “respect the prophet.”


The crowd sang Islamic hymns and chanted slogans in Turkish and Kurdish, saying, “I am Hizbullah in Kurdistan,” “I am Hamas in Palestine,” “I am Malcom X in the US,” “I am Sheik Zeki in Cizre” and “I am Sheikh Shamil in Chechnya.” Sheikh Shamil was the religious leader of the Muslim tribes of the Northern Caucasus. The protesters also held placards, reading phrases like: “Damn those saying ‘I am Charlie'” and the “May Charlie’s Devils not defame the Prophet,” according to TodaysZaman.

In Istanbul last week, dozens were burning a pro-secular newspaper with Hebdo covers and they took time to praise the Kouachi brothers. They are of the opinion that a dozen people should be murdered for printing obnoxious cartoons.

Burning Hebdo in Turkey

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, the news comes during the same month that CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that he operates in countries with free speech restrictions to give everyone a voice.

He didn’t explain how a heavily censored voice is much of a voice.

Last year, Turkey’s government banned Twitter but a court overruled the government. They banned YouTube and a court overruled that too.

Also last year, President Tayyip Erdogan claimed – more than once – that Turks discovered America.

I heard they put the first man on the moon too – it was Mohammad Armstrong.

Source: abc news


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