Turkey Tentatively Agrees to Join a Shaky Coalition Fighting ISIS


Update: 10/07/14: Turkey announced Tuesday that they will not help the Kurds as ISIS takes over the city of Kobane. They are completely surrounded and at least 12,000 people are still stranded and at the mercy of the terrorists. There will be a massacre because Obama will also do nothing to help the Kurds.

ISIS claims they have a consulate in Turkey while, at the same time, Turkey has joined our coalition against ISIS. Turkey denies the consulate story but the one indisputable fact is that radical Islam is on the rise in secular Turkey.

The coalition is one that involves mostly inactive partners, minimalistic bombing raids, no troops on the ground, and a president who appears to be more interested in putting on the appearance of fighting ISIS as opposed to actually doing it.

Turkey’s role needs to be watched in all this.

There is evidence from investigative reporter Seymour Hirsch that Turkish-backed rebels were behind the sarin gas attack in Syria in August 2013.

Listen if you want to know more about that:

Turkey is also an outspoken critic of Israel and backs the terror group Hamas.

Turkey finally joined the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq this past week, but they have also said they need more time to get foot soldiers together. They have, however, agreed to let foreign forces use its territory for operations against the militants.

At the same time, ISIS is insisting they have been granted a consulate in Turkey. Turkey said it’s nonsense. “ Turkey’s foreign ministry refused to answer to such meaningless statements,” they said.

An online paper called “Iraqi News“, based in Bahrain, wrote that “Abu-Omar al-Tunisi, the head of ISIS Foreign Relations announced that ISIS is determined to open its first diplomatic consulate in Istanbul, and in a friendly country like Turkey.”

“Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan firmly denied the ISIS presence in the country, however, an official source in the government anonymously stated that Turkey is developing formal relations with ISIS following al-Tunsi’s announcement that ISIS has opened a consulate in Istanbul,” Iraqi News reported.

An ISIS Twitter account announcing the consulate address and phone number has been taken down.

The consulate is supposed to help those who hope to join ISIS, pay for the medical care of wounded terrorists, and transfer money.

Since ISIS is also a criminal enterprise run like the Mafia, the finances need to be shut down.

Turkey is a NATO member and it would be devastating if the consulate story is true. NATO has become as weak militarily as the U.S. in recent years.

ISIS advanced to within a few miles on three sides of Kobane, a Kurdish city on the Turkish border. Turkey is getting pressure from the more than one hundred thousand Kurds who have fled to Turkey to do something which could be why they have reluctantly joined the coalition, along with giving in to pressure from Washington.

The Independent asked people in Kobane about the impending battle. “It will be like Stalingrad,” said Ahmad Ali, a 37-year-old Syrian Kurdish fighter from his new home just over the border in Turkey. Ahmad dislocated his right leg three months ago and had to leave his village and comrades in arms on the western front. “If Isis attacks the city, all the streets will run with blood.”

ISIS is far better equipped militarily than the Kurds. The Kurds have received only one plane load of supplies from the U.S. That’s as much as we’ve inadvertently sent to ISIS. It was recently reported that the Iraqis accidentally gave a U.S. planeload of food and water to ISIS.

The Daily Mail reported that ISIS beheaded five Kurdish fighters, three were women. They recently beheaded British aid worker Alan Henning.

The next man ISIS plans to behead is an Army Ranger veteran, Peter Kassig, who in 2012 founded Special Emergency and Response and Assistance (Sera), a “medically-oriented emergency relief organization” serving the internally displaced and refugees. The organization was focused on the civil war in Syria.

ISIS is holding an American woman who they consider their prize hostage.

The U.S. coalition is fragile at best and comprised of more than 40 nations, most of whom will do nothing. They are paying lip service.

For what it’s worth, given the source – Russia Today – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi supports air strikes against ISIS in Syria but he also said Iraq can’t be seen to be part of it. He added that Iraq doesn’t want any troops on the ground but Iraqi troops. He will accept U.S. air cover.

The Baghdad government is aligned with Iran.

The Sunni coalition won’t bomb ISIS in Syria because they have funded and supported the radical jihadists in Syria and elsewhere. France won’t fly into Syria. The British joined the coalition but haven’t flown a mission.

All the while, ISIS is within a mile of Baghdad on the West and we’re blowing up ISIS, one pickup truck at a time.

Territory controlled by ISIS can be seen in the map below.

ISIS controlled territory