Turning Alabama Blue? Media Says Alabama Is an Obama State


AOL News wrote Sunday, Alabama is generally regarded as a rather red state, but it may not be as Republican-leaning as it seems.  AOL’s basis for that statement is one Fox phone poll.

In the poll, Obama was favored as a leader over Trump and his disapproval numbers were better as well, coming in at 45% compared to Trump’s 47% to 48%.

The phone poll of only 649 likely voters, and an additional nearly 200 unlikely, registered voters, conducted by Fox News shows Jones is up by as much as 8 points. It also claims Alabamans were Jones supporters by 2 percentage points from the beginning. It also indicates that Barack Obama is favored by 52% compared with Donald Trump’s 49%.

[Phone polls are the least accurate though they claim 3 percentage point variation}

Trump won Alabama by 63%.

USA Today and New York Mag touted the results.

With Roy Moore’s troubles over alleged harassment and assault claims, the polls have him dropping 20 points and losing to his Progressive opponent.

The left is desperate and wants Alabama. They now believe Alabama isn’t very red after all.

Roy Moore’s Progressive opponent Doug Jones wants to transform Alabama into a leader of the “New South”, a Progressive south, as do Jones’ fundraisers of the hard-left who are in turn supported by George Soros and others of the same ideological bent.

Here’s another reason to consider when voting — Susan Collins wants the Progressive to win.

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