Turning Georgia Socialist Blue! Hard-Left Gubernatorial Candidate Leads


“We are writing the next chapter of Georgia history, where no one is unseen, no one is unheard and no one is uninspired,” Abrams told supporters in Atlanta Primary night at her victory party. “Now let’s go get it done.”

Democrat Stacey Abrams is leading Republican opponent Brian Kemp in Georgia’s hotly contested gubernatorial race, according to an internal poll commissioned by her campaign. The poll shows her ahead 48 percent to 42 percent.

Weeks ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution–Channel 2 Action News showed Abrams and Kemp virtually deadlocked at 45 percent each.


Georgia State Senator Stacey Abrams is a talented leftist. She is also a recipient of piles of money from San Francisco Democratic power broker Steve Phillips and his wife Susan Sandler. She is the daughter of multi-billionaire bankers Herb and the late Marion Sandler.

Phillips and Sandler want to turn Georgia blue and to them it is the key, NewZeal reports.

“The upset election of Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race in December gave a glimpse of a new electoral equation,” Sandler wrote in a memo to potential Abrams supporters. “If we elect Stacey, we will show that we know how to win in the South without compromising our principles and beliefs.”

It’s not about one election. When the far-left takes over, they pay off progressive voters with government money and they will attract more progressives. They will lie to keep the plan going. It’s the beginning of the end.

Phillips, thrilled about Stacey Abrams’ victory, was quoted in The Nation:

“The Rainbow Coalition is like a quilt—many patches, many pieces, many colors, bound by a common thread.” I was in Atlanta, Georgia, at the 1988 Democratic National Convention listening to Jesse Jackson describe his vision for how a multiracial and explicitly progressive coalition of people of color and progressive whites could lead Democrats to victory across the country. Although Jackson’s bid for the nomination fell short, the surprising success of his candidacy—he won 11 contests and nearly tripled his delegate total from 1984—revealed the potential of a campaign rooted in the country’s demographic revolution.

Last night, Stacey Abrams took a big step towards fulfilling that potential in the South by winning the Georgia gubernatorial Democratic nomination. The implications of her win for progressive politics and the future of the country are revolutionary in terms of political strategy and approach.

As a self-confessed Marxist-Leninist student, when Phillips uses the word “revolutionary,” he means it – literally.

Steve Phillips was also “one of the architects of the victory in Alabama”.  Far-Left Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore in the November 2017 special Senate election. Jones fakes being a moderate.

Steve Phillips wrote in The Nation:

Georgia has historically been a conservative state, because there were always too few people of color, and too few progressive whites, to sway statewide elections. That is no longer the case. In the 30 years since Democrats gathered in Atlanta for its national convention, the state’s population has grown increasingly racially diverse to the point where people of color are nearly a majority (47 percent) of the state’s population and 40 percent of all eligible voters…

Despite this demographic transformation, Democrats in Georgia consistently lose by an average of 230,000 votes. The strategic challenge is how to close that gap.

Phillips is mobilizing the minority vote that now makes up 47 percent of the state. Abrams has also. That is because of her New Georgia Project, a highly successful get out the vote organization.

The Democratic Socialists of America front organization is ‘Our Revolution’ inspired by Bernie Sanders and they are backing Abrams. They are actually communists and couldn’t be more radical.

Old communists and Maoists from the 1960s also came out to support the neo-Rainbow agenda, which you can read more about here.

The hard-left is targeting North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Texas and Georgia. They are all blue trending red states with large black and Latino populations. If they can mobilize the minorities, they can win, unless the right doesn’t come out to vote.

The United States could become a Socialist/Communist state over the next decade. And a dark, dystopian world it will be.

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