Turns Out – Racist White Supremacists Are to Blame for Ferguson Protesters Not Getting Paid to Riot


Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) aka ACORN isn’t paying the rioters who worked so hard tearing up the place, looting stores, throwing rocks at police, burning things down. That’s hard work.

The Ferguson terrorists, er, I mean protesters, protested at MORE offices on the 14th over it and began a hashtag campaign #cutthecheck which is being deleted from Twitter.

They were paid $5000 a month to riot, er, I mean protest.

Slavery is over, they proclaimed.

As it turns out, even ACORN is full of rich white losers. It’s always white peoples’ fault!

Apparently, the rioters think the problem with MORE is ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacists’ tied to the ‘insidious non-profit industrial complex’ who benefit white people only tangentially connected to the rioting. ‘White people oversee’ this.

There’s some kind of justice in this when the leftist whites are turned on by the people they are causing to riot.

The #cutthecheck is starting to disappear from Twitter but this one is still up. It explains all that racism by whites.

MORE has gotten millions from George Soros because that’s what he does – funds despicable groups who do despicable things.  

Meanwhile, Mike Brown has a memorial. Brown was a thief and a thug who beat a police officer. In Obamaland, who better than him to memorialize?

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