Twisted Hypocritical Irony of the Culture of Death in the US


Culture of Death

The twisted hypocritical irony of the culture of death in the United States has a painful grip on a very ill society.

For forty years we have systematically executed nearly sixty million of our own, the most innocent amongst us.  While committing our own genocide, we have hypocritically cast judgment on Germans who did nothing during the Holocaust.  Genocide is genocide.

Really, how big of a pile would sixty million dead babies make?

Today we live in a country where the Czar is judge, jury, and executor of countless innocent with drones. The same guy then has the nerve to lecture me about violence? Serious Hypocrisy!

The twisted irony is that those who have championed the Slaughter of the Innocent for forty years are now using a mass shooting of innocent to rationalize taking guns away from the walking innocent who simply want to protect themselves from the evil caused by these same folks. Now that’s some crazy shit.

How can anyone really believe these people?  Seems to me there is an all out frontal attack on the innocent.

We have an inherent right to defend ourselves.  We also have an inherent responsibility to protect life.  The propping up of a Declaration of Independence and Constitution that are rooted in Natural Law must be the greatest hypocrisy of all!

The culture of death is diametrically opposed to Natural Law and the “right to Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness”.

Some will argue, albeit weakly, that woman has a right to do what she wants.  Remember this.  Freedom doesn’t give one the right to do whatever one wants.  Freedom allows one to do what is right and in accordance with Natural Law.

Wake the Hell up America!


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