Twitter Bans a ‘Gay Patriot’ as Hateful, Was It the Word ‘Gay’ or ‘Patriot’


GayPatriot gave up his website and his Facebook page in May 2016, but he kept posting on Twitter. They just banned him. Twitter only likes liberal and leftist gays, not conservative gays. Having known gay patriot, I can tell you he never posted anything hateful.

Is the word ‘patriot’ hateful?

Samples of his articles include: Feminists Furious as More Men Adopt the Mike Pence Rule, NutsGays Provoke Muslims into Killing ThemLeftists Stand Up for Freedom of Certain Religions, and all those types of things. He is a purveyor of truth.

Gay Patriot, Bruce Carroll had been suspended before for calling Chelsea Manning Bradley Manning and labeling her as a traitor. Twitchy reported on Monday that Carroll’s backup account, @BruceOnLoose, is also gone.



    • Since mid 2016 when started paying attention to the output of the mainstream fake media due to the malevolent vitriol with which they were pummelling some “red headed idiot” have noted that they have actually increased their venomous and twisted attacks on the now President. They must truly be malleable retards as they seem incapable of understanding that they only demean themselves further by their underhanded malicious false reports on the President in the minds of people that are still capable of independent thought and have the acumen to discern their deceitfulness…

  1. You can’t fight Hate & Stupidity with Language but you can Punch it in the Mouth, Beat it Down & if necessary Remove it from the Gene Pool. These haters Only understand Violence as in a Beatdown or 6 feet Under. They want Violence let’s give it to them in Large Doses.

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