Twitter Blasts Alabamans as Immoral If They Don’t Vote for Soros Candidate Doug Jones


If you want to know how much the left hates Christians and also want Doug Jones to win in Alabama, just go to the latest trending tweets under “Evangelical Republican” or search “Evangelical Christian”. The left is using Alinsky tactics to convince Alabamans they are immoral if they vote for Roy Moore, who, by the way, hasn’t been proven guilty of anything yet and guilty of nothing in the last several decades.

Social media haters are taking isolated or inaccurate reports to claim things like Evangelical Christians talk pro-life and then force their spouses and children to get abortions.

One tweet showed a photo of Trump and Moore in a box with this line: Evangelical Republican are truly fake news. They preach family morals and turn around and vote for immoral people. Many Christians are the nation’s biggest hypocrites.

The person who tweeted that is mostly a non-presence on Twitter.

Some claim to be or to have grown up Evangelical Christian and one of those tweeted: “Evangelical Republican” I grew up in a Bapitist Church where my father was a Deacon. Nothing the “Evangelical Republican” supports is Christ like. Support Pedophiles (Roy Moore) Supports Adulterer (Trump) Supports Bullying (Trump) Supports Sexual Assault (Trump)

That tweet was by a member of #TheResistance and this is her profile photo – the communist-black power fist:

The New York Times made sure to publish an op-ed, Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican. You can guess the gist of that piece and the motive.

Joy Reid thinks this normal Evangelical Christian belief is so bizarre it should be a novel.

MoveOn has dedicated the last week to condemning all the male sexual harassers, a brand new epidemic in time for Roy Moore’s election and the 2018 hoped-for-massacre of Republican candidates.

People are out on social media spewing hate but they’re all liberals/leftists. The memo must have gone out from the Soros-Obama-Hillary websites/organizations telling them to bombard social media.

The entire Twitter thread dedicated to it is meant to prey on the conscience of Christians so they don’t vote Roy Moore and go for Progressive Doug Jones who hopes to allow the killing of babies to the moment of birth, on demand.

It’s going to be brutal next year and 2020 will be worse. The hard left almost attained their dream of a hard-left USA and they are coming back stronger, buying elections and spreading misinformation.


  1. The Hard Left, ie Socialists, Progressives, Communists, Fascists, and yes, the RINO/Faux Republicans have never come up against a force like Donald Trump. They are accustomed to “Republicans,” who remain mute, take it on the chin over and over again and say nothing. Not THIS president.

    President Trump will continue to call them out at every turn, it is up to us, We The People, to completely tune out these treasonous bastards, and continue to throw our full throated, whole hearted support behind President Trump.

    “Fake News,” the most brilliant Truth Bomb POTUS could ever have delivered.

    We came within a hair’s breadth of the utter and complete transformation of America into a Socialist State. Elitist Deep State members are still in power within the FBI, CIA, DOJ and IRS. It is up to We The People to stay on this with everything we’ve got until these TRAITORS are behind bars. ALL OF THEM.

    But first, Jeff Sessions must go. He is either an utter coward or is one of them. Either way, he will block every effort to see justice served.

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