Sewer Rats on Twitter Come Out to Bash 10-Year Old Barron


Sasha and Malia were off bounds as they should be but some of the nasty leftists fail to remember the ethics concerning children. Some of these people are scary and they try to paint the right as what they actually are. It’s called transference. In fairness, a few on the left condemned it.

It’s easy to attack from twitter and Facebook unfortunately.

When you see that some of these people have a megaphone and are helping to define our culture, it’s clear the leftist influence has to be addressed.

These people know children get teased at this age and Barron appears to be shy. He’s only 10!

SNL writer Katie Rich quickly took down her tweet. Nothing like joking about homeschoolers and school shootings. Barron is only 10 years old and he attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School by the way.

A senior writer at Fox sports, Pete Blackburn, tweeted this because picking on children is such fun for him.

This next clown is just one of the many living in the twitter sewer.

Comedian Joe Mande has a lot of hate in his heart. Check out his twitter feed.

Scottish author and screenwriter John Niven, one nasty leftist. His feed is unbelievably nasty.

He’s simply hateful.

And this next tweet from a self-described spiritual healer.

Actress Julie Bowen makes one wonder why anyone other than a leftist would want to watch her perform:


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