Twitter Leftists Blast Bush for Standing Up for the Second Amendment


It wasn’t so long ago that Charleton Heston held up a rifle at an NRA event and said “from my cold dead hands”. He was applauded for it.

Those who believe in the Second Amendment now have to suffer ridicule when a politician, like him or not, stands up for gun rights as Jeb Bush did today. If Barack Obama gets his way and appoints another leftist on the Supreme Court, you can say goodbye to the Second Amendment and once one Amendment goes, they all topple.


Some think the Second Amendment is creepy.

They seem to think Bush is a gangster if he abides by the Second Amendment.

The Florida Stand Your Ground laws allows people to defend themselves with a gun.

You’re apparently pandering if you stand up for the Second Amendment.

Then there are those who blame an insane person’s actions on the weapon.

It wasn’t only Twitter. Bush was mocked on AOL and other news sites. They glory in attacks on the Second Amendment. If the GOP doesn’t succeed in delaying the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice, we will lose many of our freedoms and top on the list is the Second Amendment.



  1. Me thinks this is one of Jeb’s very few redeeming qualities, he is pro-2nd amendment. Well, at least more so than his dad. He did help push through the stand your ground laws in Florida. 🙂

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