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Twitter Nabs Another Innocent Conservative, Calls Her Opinion ‘Hateful’


Twitter and Facebook are private companies and can do what they want. But what they can’t do is influence the elections. They are doing exactly that by blocking the right-wing users and leaving the left alone. The left worries about Russians paying for a minimal number of ads and the right worries about them.


Kathleen McKinley, a conservative blogger and political commentator for a local Fox station in Houston had her account suspended for two tweets promoting so-called ‘hateful’ conduct.

In the first tweet, McKinley stated her opposition to an Obama-era rule allowing transgender troops serving in the military. She said the Obama-era rule “was normalizing a mental disorder (gender dysphoria) (called ‘distress’ now) which has no place in our military. Certainly not our $$ for surgery.”

That belief is well within the mainstream.

McKinley’s second tweet referred to “extreme Muslim beliefs” — rather than mainstream Muslim beliefs — “that condone honor killings.”

McKinley and a friend debated abortion on Twitter with Bill Prady, a producer on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory. Honor killings came up and Prady’s response made it sound as if he was uncertain about supporting them, for which he apologized.

It was at that point McKinley wrote: “Please do not pretend you know nothing about extreme Muslim beliefs that condone honor killings!!”

Ten months later Twitter ruled that tweet constituted “hateful conduct.”

Twitter’s email suspending McKinley included a warning to not “promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.”

There was nothing in either tweet promoting violence or threatening. These are her tweets:

She asked, “Do you see even a hint of promoting violence, threatening or harassing? I think that is what upsets me the most. To be accused of that.”


Vice recently exposed Twitter’s extreme bias.

Vice conducted a study recently. They found that Twitter was not allowing the right to show up in drop-down search menus. That didn’t happen to the left. Twitter says they fixed it but the banning continues. Twitter and Facebook are run by the far-left and the employees are far-left.

Twitter responded to the Vice report: “I’d emphasize that our technology is based on account *behavior* not the content of Tweets.”

Twitter directed VICE News to a May 15 blog post that explained the company’s new approach to combating “troll-like behaviors.” After making changes to its platform, the company said that “[t]he result is that people contributing to the healthy conversation will be more visible in conversations and search.”

Twitter thinks they are promoting “health of the public conversation”. They have a filter called the ‘quality filter’, and it allows users to complain and get people blocked or banned without them even knowing. Since liberals gang up on the right in large numbers, using their leftist organizations to flood in complaints, the left wins. The left are the fascists, not the right.

Social media fact-checkers are also liberals/leftists.


Twitter dropped nearly 21 percent. Its average monthly users fell in the second quarter and would decline further this year as Twitter removes fake and ‘abusive’ accounts.

They’re also shadow banning right-wing people.

Twitter attributed the drop in monthly users to its efforts at “improving the health of the public conversation” on the platform but also cited Europe’s tough new privacy law.

Twitter’s losses are similar to Facebook but Facebook is worth a lot more.

Twitter and Facebook are allegedly trying to reduce the amount of abuse and hate speech on their platforms, but that’s affecting their growth, one of the things investors value the most.

Their definition of hate speech appears to include anything right-wing.


Facebook Inc. and its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg were sued on Friday in what could be the first of many lawsuits over a disappointing earnings announcement by the social media company that wiped out about $120 billion of shareholder wealth.

The complaint filed by shareholder James Kacouris in Manhattan federal court accused Facebook, Zuckerberg and Chief Financial Officer David Wehner of making misleading statements about or failing to disclose slowing revenue growth, falling operating margins, and declines in active users.

As far as a drop in users, Zuckerberg’s crew have often censored right-wing users out of existence. They also manipulate the trending news, all while denying it. His staffers decide who gets to see what and it’s not conservative opinion.

People on the right have left in large numbers because it’s pointless to stay with them.

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