Twitter Removes 10,000 Accounts Pre-Election — Guess Why


Twitter removed 10,000 accounts of alleged bots who told Democrats not to vote for this reason or that. It’s a very suspect story when you first hear it.

After Reuters explained that 10,000 isn’t a lot given that Twitter has deleted millions in the past, Reuters hits us with the truth bomb.

Reuters wrote:

Yet the removals represent an early win for a fledgling effort by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, a party group that supports Democrats running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The DCCC launched the effort this year in response to the party’s inability to respond to millions of accounts on Twitter and other social media platforms that spread negative and false information about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other party candidates in 2016, three people familiar with the operation told Reuters.

It gets better. Democrats developed their own system:

The DCCC developed its own system for identifying and reporting malicious automated accounts on social media, according to the three party sources.

Democrats are sorting out the misinformation. That can be trusted! [Yes, that’s sarcasm] Their computer researchers rapidly pick out the misinformation bots and notify Twitter so they can delete them.

Democrats will do anything for power, anything at all. Unfortunately, the major coroporations — the tech giants — are all leftists. And they work together.

Amazingly, Reuters and Twitter has no problem with Republicans not having equal opportunity. Republicans have all been dehumanized anyway.


    • But not beyond the realm of possibility considering the loathsome record of the corrupted mainstream/social media entities that slant dangerously to the progressive left…