Twitter Report On Iran Nuclear Deal Affirms They Don’t Want Normal Ties With ‘Great Satan’


Reuters is reporting that the most difficult unresolved issues of the nuclear talks were related to the duration of any limits on Iranian nuclear activities after an initial 10 years, the lifting of U.N. sanctions and restoring them in case of non-compliance by Tehran.

Check out how the people we are negotiating with feel about us.

a deal but not normal relations

kerry praying for a deal

Three days ago, BizPacReview reported that when asked if there would be a nuclear deal, Kerry answered “Inshallah”, which is if Allah is willing in Arabic.


He’s still praying to Allah apparently. The talks are intense right now.

Russia sees Iran, Russia and the U.S., the P5+1 as one. Oh goody.

one with Iran and Russia

We are aligned with Iran in our fight against ISIS. Iran has not withdrawn from the battlefield as we are pretending.

The administration keeps lying.

It’s no problem since the U.S. is acting as Iran’s agents in the negotiations according to a recent defector.



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