Twitter Suspends Account of Pro-LIfe Movie the Weekend It’s Released


The new Democrats who are in control of all communication are fascists and people better start paying attention. A new case in point is the movie ‘Unplanned’ that had their account suspended the weekend of its release.

Twitter took it down because of the mob reporting it with their army of accounts. It’s the same mob that scares advertisers into dropping Fox shows. This is the mob that almost destroyed Rush and attacks Jeanine Pirro, Tucker, Hannity, and others. These are the anonymous social media haters that go after people like Justice Kavanaugh and stir up the other haters. They send a false impression. Coincidentally, the Brock-Soros Media Matters has the same targets.

These are not normal times. We are in a full-fledged war with hard-left lunatics who have taken over the Democratic Party.

The movie was only down for a short time. Activist Lila Rose posted the information and it went viral quickly.

It is back now, and the movie picked up followers.

Please follow them and show the mob we are out there and we do care about our rights and everyone’s rights.

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