Two Big Trump Supporters Come Out Against Mitt Romney



Newt Gingrich said, “I can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the Trump vision of foreign policy.” He mentioned that Trump supporters will be very disappointed as they are reminded of the things he said against Trump during the campaign.

“Trump has to have somebody at State who is very tough and very willing to take on foreign leaders and say, ‘Wait a second, I’m here to represent the United States of America,’” the former House Speaker elaborated. “To what extent would [Romney] actually represent the kind of tough-minded ‘America first’ policies that Trump has campaigned on?”

“Romney wanted to be in President-elect Trump’s job, and to what degree would Romney, once he became secretary of State, represent himself going around the world?” he wondered.

Mike Huckabee responded to the UN Ambassadorship but was a lot tougher on the possibility of a Romney appointment because he failed the loyalty test.

Huckabee, who appears is a possible Secretary of Health and Human Services according to media reports, also said during an appearance on Fox and Friends that he turned down one Cabinet offer but might reconsider if a different position were to arise.

“It’s not about that I don’t care for Mitt personally. But I’m still very unhappy that Mitt did everything he could to derail Donald Trump,” he said.



  1. If Brutus had only gone on a, “trash the crap out of Caesar,” rant ahead of time, no doubt Caesar would have at least escaped the stab in the back.

    Romney’s attack of Trump was so nasty, SO visceral, simply impossible to overlook, to forgive: “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat.”

    Here is the entire, transcript of Romney’s entire, LONG tirade:

    During the course of his guttural attack on Trump, Romney borrows many of the Leftist’s talking points down to and including trying to connect him to the KKK.

    America watched Mitt Romney, after besting Obama during the first debate, go full blown eunuch for the remainder of the campaign. Had he demonstrated an iota of the same fervor against Obama, he might have had a chance of winning.

    Romney, another of the Establishment GOP losers shoved down the throats of voters as they warned, “only OUR guy can win…suck it up, hold your nose if you must but vote for our guy or the world will end.”

    BTW, VERY interesting how Mitt’s father did exactly the same thing many years ago when eGOP decided to derail and demolish Barry Goldwater… search it out, not only are the similarities stunning but demonstrates just HOW LONG the eGOP has been waging an internal war against Conservatism… the hands that feeds them, the hands they promptly chop off day after Election Day.

    President Elect Trump should replay the Romney Utah speech video. The sheer survival of America as a free Republic depended entirely on keeping the Clinton Cartel OUT of the WH. Instead, Romney man allowed his petty, personal vendetta against Trump to, well, “trump” the future of our country.

    There is simply no apology, no recanting, which can rehabilitate what Mitt Romney did.

  2. Please President Trump you have so many good qualified people to choose from Newt Gingrich for one please DO NOT PUT ROMNEY in your cabinet. You will have a snake in the grass trying to take you & all of us down.

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