Two Days After the Election, Sinema Miraculously Takes the Lead



Kyrsten Sinema, rallying in a pink tutu against U.S. soldiers

The Washington Times reports that Democratic candidate and all-around kook Kyrsten Sinema took the lead in the Arizona Senate race, flipping the race from what had appeared to be a GOP hold.

Republican Martha McSally led the vote after the polls closed Tuesday, but hundreds of thousands of ballots were still uncounted, officials said.

As the count comes in, Ms. Sinema has overcome a sizable gap.

The latest numbers give her 914,243 votes to Ms. McSally’s 912,137. Earlier in the day, the tally had stood at 856,848 for Ms. McSally and 839,775 for Ms. Sinema.

It’s a miracle!

About 350,000 votes have turned up. We will have to see if they lean McSally or Sinema.


  1. If all the ballots are made out to Democrats, you know what to do with all of them, RECYCLE. I have a suspicion that votes were electronically processed and counted, then the paper ballots were held in storage, then “FOUND” in storage, then brought back for “second counting.” Double voting without having to go to the polls twice. How convenient.

    • Looks like??? The evil is manifest and owns the media!!! Electoral reform must be undertaken or else the Republic IS dead!!! Think about it, when you hear people like Mahar stating they would prefer that the country collapse financially rather than the President succeed in MAGA, do you believe these idiots care about your well being….and they support the demoncraps…who mirror their thoughts…

  2. Something is not right with this. Recount necessary. The lefts after the election dark plan, attack & add votes days after votes in! Investigate, check signatures.

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