Two Gunmen Killed Outside ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest in Texas – Updates – Possible IS Attack


Updates at the end. A self-proclaimed ISIS jihadi tweeted that he was going to attack the event.



Freedom of speech Muslim exhibit

Labeled a free speech event by organizer Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), the First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest,” took place where the “Stand with the Prophet” conference was held in January. The event featured cartoons of the Islamic prophet.

It was sold out and it was heavily guarded.

It could have ended in tragedy. Instead, two would be killers were stopped by police after they opened fire.

Shots were fired outside the Curtis Caldwell Center during a Muhammad art exhibit at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland as the event ended.

Two shooters drove up in a car and shot a school guard, Bruce Joiner. The guard is in the hospital but is expected to be okay.

The police took over when the shooting began and engaged the shooters, killing the two men who opened fire.

At least 40 extra off-duty cops were hired to protect participants and the audience.

The participants are being evacuated along with customers in local stores. Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders were at the event and were removed safely.

Local Islamists were upset about the event.

The police have not declared the situation over and are combing the area with robots and checking to make certain there are no other attackers on the loose.

They are checking for bombs.

Liberal websites and groups call Pamela Geller’s organization a hate group but where is the hate coming from really?

Liberal media are not writing about this potentially being a lone wolf terrorist attack, instead they are calling the ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest an anti-Muslim event and discussing Pamela Geller as provocative and her political ads as banned in a number of states including New York.

  Update: Monday AM: Pamela Geller’s website posted Twitter threats that a jihadi tweeted before the attack. It is not known if these tweets are connected to the gunmen in Garland but the account has been suspended as well as all accounts tied to his. ISIS tweet

One of the tweets:

Shariah is Light

  More tweets:

Islamists at Duke University said this:

Other comments from Twitter:


Elton Simpson
Update: 10:02: Elton Simpson is one of the two gunmen shot in Garland, Texas. He appears to be the same person who tweeted out the threatening messages a half hour before the attack.

The other attacker was his roommate, not yet identified.

Their car appears to have been damaged by an explosive.


Simpson, a Muslim convert, tried to join a terror group and was well-known to the FBI. He was on a no-fly list.

He was convicted in a terrorism incident and given probation in 2010.

Several alleged IS followers tweeted before the attack.