Two Idiot Hosts at CNN Pillory Orrin Hatch for Defending Himself


Far-left protesters have been accosting Republican senators wherever and whenever they find them, with an elevator being a favorite location. The ‘protesters’ are very nasty and have no problem screaming. Many are women who claim they are victims and they are abusive.


All of them have been labeled ‘victims’ by the media but we have no idea if they are victims of anything. What we do know is they are victimizing male senators and treating them with the utmost disrespect.

Orrin Hatch waved off some loud mouth screamer yesterday and told her to “grow up” after she berated him as he got into a Senate elevator. These nasty women think they can treat “old white men” any way they want. He had simply had enough and this is how he defended himself.

These protesting women are there because some Democrat official let them in and the Senator or staff member who allowed it should be held to account. It’s dangerous.

The media compares these communist loons, often paid leftist loons, to civil rights’ and Vietnam War protesters.

The President weighed in, advising senators to not fall for it, which is a good point. He also said Soros paid for the signs. We don’t know who paid for those specific signs, but in the past communist Bill Ayers and the Revolutionary Communist Party have paid for many of them. Soros also puts big money into the organizations leading these protests.


Don Lemon found it shameful for Orrin Hatch or any lawmaker to speak to these women like that. Cuomo said Sen. Hatch didn’t handle it the right way.

There was no questioning whether the protesters were even legitimate survivors and there were no recriminations against these Soros babes — nasty as hell Soros babes.

The attackers who went after Flake in an elevator last week were Democrat officials and one was an illegal alien.

The two idiots then went on to how great Kaepernick’s peaceful protest is even though the protest is an attempt to drag down our flag, our pride in nation and in the military and police. Those two didn’t mention that.

Then dopey commie-loving Cuomo said that telling these nasty women to ‘grow up’ is the same as a metaphor of how those women and the women that support them feel that they’re treated at every level of society”. They both then mocked Sen. Hatch.

Their idea of analysis is quite odd, but CNN is a garbage network.


This is an excerpt from an article Morris wrote for the Western Journal and it is true.

The blatant display of partisanship and the spectacle of the women accusing the judge of sexual misconduct 35 years ago put the true face of the current Democratic Party on display for all to see. And it was far from pretty.

The radicalism, rashness and rudeness of the party’s new faithful was disgusting to many swing voters and suggested to them that they dare not trust these folks with the majority.

This is the face of the Democrat Party. They will do anything to win, reject Due Process, and will be as nasty as possible.


This is a little off-the-topic but it shows how these leftists think. Bette Midler, who is worth more than $230 million talked about how terrible all of us American women are treated. It’s absurd and it would be very nice if she would shut up.

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