Two Liars, Obama and Iran, Reach a Deal on Uranium Enrichment – Video



The deal between the Islamic state of Iran and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China, and Russia was nailed down after more than four days of negotiations.

The US has already lifted sanctions over the past six months. With the deal reached this evening, they will give Iran about $6 billion to $9 billion in sanctions relief and Iran will not enrich beyond 5% for six months.  They will keep enriching to 3.5% and they will keep their existing centrifuges.

Once sanctions are relieved, they will never be gotten back. Countries like Russia and China will now do business with Iran and they won’t give that up and restore sanctions in the future.

Mr. Obama said the structure of the sanctions remains in place. That’s pie in the sky.

The Mullahs will now have their power solidified in perpetuity. The Mullahs’ goal is to obliterate Israel. They called them stinking dogs and pariahs that needed to be erased from the earth last week.

Iran will allegedly get $4.2 billion in cash aid.

Iran will also get other relief on autos and petro.

Iran, to prove their trustworthiness, will dismantle the links between networks of centrifuges.

Iran will dilute their stockpile of uranium that has been enriched to 20% and will allow international monitors to visit.

They won’t build new facilities or new centrifuges and they won’t start up their existing ones.

Iran will keep their Plutonium reactor but will not put it on line or continue developing it.

The deal will allow Iran more time to master nuclear technology and amass potential bomb fuel.

Mr. Obama won’t get Congress to agree to this so he will do it by administrative fiat.

Saudi Arabia has already ordered nuclear weapons from Pakistan. You might see a nuclear arms race in that area of the world.

Read more at NY Times but be forewarned – they said that Iran agreed to halt their nuclear enrichment, which they did not. They are cutting back.

It is obvious to me that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon. Mr. Obama’s speech in which he says the Iranian nuclear program will be halted which is not true:

Remember 1938?

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