Two More Women Come Out Against Biden & His Touching


Two more women have come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriately touching them in recent years.

Caitlyn Caruso, who is now 22, was 19 years of age at the time. She told The New York Times that Biden rested his hand on her thigh and hugged her “just a little bit too long” at an event about sexual harassment at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

She was uncomfortable, she said.

D. J. Hill, a 59-year-old writer, told the Times that she had an uncomfortable encounter with Biden at a 2012 campaign event in Minneapolis.

Biden put his hands on her shoulders and began dropping them down her back, Hill told the newspaper. Her husband interrupted with a joke.

“Only he knows his intent,” Hill told the Times.

Two other women, Amy Lappos and Lucy Flores, came forward this past week.

Biden has not declared his candidacy yet, and he may never declare. He has a lot of support. Nancy Pelosi and Valerie Jarrett are two feel this isn’t disqualifying.




  1. This should be put in its proper context, unlike a local radio host who thinks it’s no big deal. His idiotic comparison was with his co-host if he hadn’t seen her in a long time and gave her a hug. The many clips of Biden show him “touching” in an “intimate” manner which IS creepy, to say the least. That type of touching is generally reserved for one’s spouse. But his touching wasn’t limited to adult females but went to very young girls. This would suggest that a young girl should be “comfortable” with an “old man” touching – stroking her. That young girl will be confronted from then on with the idea there is nothing untoward about being fondled. It’s not a lesson that should be taught to young girls.

    What is even more disturbing is I read that Biden will swim naked in the presence of female Secret Service personnel. They weren’t too happy with that duty. If a man is willing to do that then how much of a pervert IS this man.

  2. Ask yourself, in what business environment would this be allowed. If this happened in any business there would be charges filed against that person. It WOULD be considered sexual harassment by each and every company. Are we to conclude that politicians are “above the law” when it comes to this behavior.

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