Two Most Imbecilic Questions Reporters Asked Trump Today

Despite receiving abysmal approval numbers from the pollsters, the President has not backed down in the border fight. Nor has a vicious assault in the media accusing him of working as an agent of Russia slowed him down. He’s remarkable.

Instead of asking the hard questions of the accusers, the media is planting click-bait stories with anonymous sources and no evidence. They do ask bold questions of the President without flinching, but not of the opposing side.

The media is a joke. One reporter asked him today if he was working with the Russians. Another reporter asked him about Ocasio-Cortez, the little commie from Yorktown, calling him a racist. And the media wonders why we call them fake news.



When the reporter asked him, “Mr. President, congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez called you a racist,” he waved the question off, saying, “Who Cares.” O-Cortez immediately responded since she is incapable of shutting up.

Yorktown Cortez’s incredibly dumb response to him after was she “understands guys like this like the back of my hand,” and “we got under his skin.” She got all that from him saying, “who cares.” Could she possibly be any vapider?


The President has had a challenging week, and still, he moves forward. A reporter asked him today if he ever worked for Russia. That question is in response to the crazy New York Times story with the sensational headline, “FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia.” The authors are claiming the FBI believed the President could be a “national security threat” and even a Russian agent or dupe.

Listen to his answer, and, no, it wasn’t, oh, okay, I confess, I’m a Russian agent.


Bill O’Reilly had a couple of great questions in his morning email.

O’Reilly thinks the NYT article may be a “plant” because of some things that he found disturbing.

It looks an anti-Trump person on either the House Judiciary Committee or the House Oversight Committee leaked private sworn testimony by former FBI lawyer James Baker to the newspaper.

If the story is true, and that’s an enormous ‘if’, because it’s anonymously sourced by reporters who despise the President, then both Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein would have approved the investigation because they headed the Justice Department at the time. Agents can’t just initiate a presidential investigation on their own.

And why did the Times reporters not ask Sessions and Rosenstein to confirm the investigation was approved and did actually happen?

It it is a plant, why was it planted? What’s next? Is it to weaken the President’s stance on the border or something worse? Perhaps it’s simply meant to create more chaos.

There are quite a few people who could have done it like Dianne Feinstein (Senate Judiciary) or Elijah Cummings (House Oversight) to name two.

We would love to hear your thoughts.


Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani, tweeted up a storm on the issue today. He believes Mueller’s team are leaking and remarked about their ability to launch an abusive counter intelligence probe with no evidence. He called out the press for not investigating and asking more questions.

The media is remarkably uncurious.


The polls, for what they are worth, show that only 42 percent of Americans approve of a border wall. Only 32 percent of Americans strongly approve of the job Trump is doing, according to Rasmussen.

Rasmussen reports that Trump’s approval rating has slipped since his prime-time address last week in which he claimed that a border wall is necessary to confront a “humanitarian crisis” at the border.

The NY Times and Washington Post articles most certainly had something to do with it, although Rasmussen didn’t mention it.

Given the 60,000 anonymous people pouring in each month, it seems that number should be much higher.

The Democrat leadership fares worse in approval numbers, and it is curious that no polls were released after the President’s immigration speech.

According to the most recent polls, Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating is 38%, Chuck Schumer’s approval rating is 32%.


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