Two New Federal Rulings You Need to Know About! Expect Outright Voter Fraud in November


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A Federal Appeals Court rejected the Texas photo ID law as “discriminatory” on Tuesday.  Also on Tuesday, Wisconsin was ordered by a Federal judge to allow voters without ID to vote.

Texas provides free ID.

This is the law that is allegedly too strict: the law requires most citizens (some, like people with disabilities, can be exempt) to show one of a handful of types of identification before their ballots can be counted. Those include: a state driver’s license or ID card, a concealed handgun license, a U.S. passport, a military ID card or a U.S citizenship certificate with a photo.

The Texas judge said it’s not enough and they are pushing for things like easily forged or obtained school IDs or no ID at all.

Wisconsin has ordered residents without ID to vote in November thanks to a judge’s ruling. Residents who can’t obtain photo ID can still vote in November a Federal judge ruled on Tuesday.

Milwaukee Judge Lynn Adelman called it a “safety net” that will “prevent disenfranchisement.”

The ACLU and the DoJ have been working on this and two Federal judges ruled in their favor on the same day. Expect a lot of ineligible voters to vote in November. The left will be bussing them to the polls.

The only reason to not allow photo IDs is to corrupt the vote. Even if that isn’t the case, what happened to States’ Rights and why are they writing laws from the bench?

This will happen all over the country. This is the Republicans’ last election which is why we need every Republican on board.

Former president George W. Bush is afraid 2016 will be our last election in which a Republican can be elected but he thinks it’s because of Trump but what he doesn’t understand is this is our last election when a Republican can win. As soon as Hillary wins election, she plans to legalize tens of millions of Democrats from foreign lands.

The time is now.

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