Two New York City Cops Wounded in Shootout with Cop-Hating Self-Radicalized Muslim


Two New York City police officers were shot in Bedford Stuyvesant Saturday, perhaps from friendly fire. They were engaged in a wild shootout with a cop-hating, self-radicalized Muslim career criminal at the time.

Officer Andrew Yurkiw was saved by his bullet-proof vest. Officer William Reddin underwent surgery at Kings County Hospital and was in stable condition.

The police are awaiting ballistic test results.

Jamal Funes
Jamal Funes

Jamal Funes, whose criminal record stretches 17 years across three states, stopped his car at traffic light on Malcolm X Boulevard and Quincy Street. An MTA worker in a transit uniform who was also at the light looked over to see Funes aiming a gun at him.

He fled, and the housing cops jumped in their car to chase him. They called for backup along the way.

Finally, they came to rest at an intersection with Funes faced off against eight officers. Bullets flew.

The 34-year-old Funes, who stayed inside his car throughout the bloody shootout, was shot “numerous” times and was hospitalized in critical condition, said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

When it was over, cops recovered a .357-caliber handgun from the front seat of Funes’ car, along with five spent shell casings, Bratton added.

“This morning is a reminder of the important and dangerous and crucial work that police officers do, and the way they put their lives on the line every single day,” communist Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Funes has at least 22 arrests in New York, Illinois, and North Carolina for assault, burglary, weapons possession, theft, battery and trespassing. He has been in and out of jail since 1999, records show.

His rap sheet includes a 2007 arrest for assaulting an NYPD officer.

In 2006, Funes was charged with second degree assault for striking a child with a belt, and spent a year on probation for a year. And in 2002, he was charged with assault for punching a girl in the face.

Why is he out of jail?

He was probably radicalized in prison. The imams should reconsider converting these hardened criminals unless they want violent criminals in their fold for some reason.

Cop shootings in New York and throughout the country are on the rise and there is also a problem of frequent slashing incidents in New York City that have been kept relatively quiet.  There were 3 slashings and a stabbing in four days alone this past week. The public is never told the motive when they do catch them. Most take place on the subways but not all.

The City has seen 21 slashings since mid-December.

There is a new song out to go with the slashings called Slashin’ Blues.

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