Two officers down, shot in Louisville during BLM ‘protest’


Update: One officer is being treated, another is undergoing surgery, and their injuries are non-life-threatening. A suspect is in police custody. One man is tweeting that his son is one of the injured and was shot four times.


Louisville’s mostly peaceful protesters’ are setting fires, smashing windows, and shooting at police. Ten shots were fired at police and Fox News is reporting that two officers are down.

This could not have happened without the media. The media pushed a fake narrative for months since the tragic March ACCIDENTAL shooting of Breonna Taylor. They were helped by virtue-signaling celebrities. Our media is evil and they have blood on their hands.

Democrats have no small part in this.

A Fox News reporter just said at 9:38 that “perhaps there was some criminal activity here.” Perhaps??? Geraldo said Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed and that’s not true. Can’t the media get anything right? All the media is misreporting.

A lot of these ‘protesters’ are gang people — criminals — riled up by paid leftist organizers. They say they are Black Lives Matter. They are militants, just like the Black Panthers.


This could be ended very quickly if the police were allowed to do their job.


It is complete anarchy and it’s what Democrats clearly want. These organizers are funded. Antifa has a strong presence and is setting fires:

Evil New Yorker Linda Sarsour is leading rioters:



  1. Its amazing that Americans (and police) are standing for the BLM/Antifa race-terrorists rioting and looting and shooting cops. It would be the simplest matter to.stop them but (in these Democrat cities) there seems to be no will to do so.

  2. Just wait till the George Floyd investigation is complete and all four officers involved walk.
    George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdoes (cardiac arrest) not asphyxiation. He was not murdered by cops, he was dead before the cops even put handcuffs on him.

  3. Step 1. Investigate who or what country is funding BLM,training them and giving them Marxist ideological support,and I dare bet It would turn out to be a foreign Marxist-Leninist entity
    Step 2.Declare BLM to be foreign sponsored violent terrorism entity ,Declare them outlawed according to the result of the investigation
    Step 3.Arrest the violent members ,convict all the other not so violent members illegally participating in a terrorist group ,and for the die hard members with weapons who resist arrest ,shoot them at sight

    • Step 1….The funding was made years ago…ever stop to think how career politicians, Dem & Rep, (RINO’s) amassed millions, even hundred of millions/billions whilst in office??? Burn Loot Murder are financed mainly from “within”…Step 2…they are insurrectionists…hence local terrorists..Step 3…Check out Soros “funded” DA’s etc…even K. Harris…

    • Funding is not foreign. It is domestic. A large portion can be traced back to your one and only ex-president and community organizer Barrack Hussein Obama.

  4. Hannity’s report tonight was about as far from the truth as you can get. Maybe before opening his Trap he should have listened to the briefing.

    • Wasn’t that annoying? He got nothing right. Hannity was pandering. I don’t normally watch Hannity but I wanted to know how the officers were.

    • Ainsley got it wrong this morning but Andy McCarthy was good and straightened out what she said somewhat. I can’t count on Fox any longer except for certain reporters.

  5. Louisville had Democrat Mayors for years. Then they made a mistake of electing a Democrat Governor. Folks, Democrat officials are mostly clueless and have no balls. Liberalism makes you soft and retarded. So these rioters know this and will push the limits. Try that on a Republican State and a Republican Mayor. I am sure they will not dare!

  6. Hopefully the officers are going to be OK. The shooter should get a life sentence in a Fed prison.

    Our enemy is within. We’re in far greater danger of losing our Republic than we ever were in WW2.

    Decades ago the BLM/Antifa insurrectionists would be shot on-sight. The new American Communist Party (AKA, Democrat Party) has been a-building for generations in our schools and universities.

  7. “Suspect was arrested” should read “Cop shooter was riddled with bullets”. Every cop on the scene could have emptied a clip into the POS to pass a message to their bosses, “We stand together against this shit; prosecute us all if you dare”.

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