Two Police Officers Were at Vegas Killer’s Hotel Door Before the Shooting Started


During an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, an attorney for the Las Vegas victims  of Stephen Paddock revealed that not only did police officers respond to the Mandalay security guard Jesus Campos after he was shot, they were right outside of Paddock’s door before he began shooting out of his hotel room window.

This is part of the ever-changing timeline of the shooting. The story could change again.

“As of yesterday it was that two—we knew about Campos—but there were two other police officers from MGM that were on the floor prior to the shooting,” Craig Eiland said.

Attorney Craig Eiland addressed it when he and Carlson discussed the weird goings-on concerning Campos’ story. MGM has kept the lid on the story by hiding Campos and the valet who parked Paddock’s car.

Carlson asked him why he thought it was being handled this way.

“Maybe they’re concerned of what he’s going to say. Maybe they’re concerned he’s not going to stick with the MGM story,” Eiland said. “But eventually he will be examined under oath by attorneys in these cases and so it’s going to be important to know the timeline from what he says and from what the other two—now we know that there were two other police officers on the floor with him prior to the shooting—those are all questions that have to be answered and they eventually will be.”

Carlson asked, “Just to be clear—not Las Vegas Police Department, but MGM employees acting as security?”

“No. There was a report yesterday that there were two off-duty officers on the floor that responded to Campos prior to the shooting beginning,” Eiland said again.

The officers are believed to have been working for MGM in their off hours.

Eiland also said the MGM Grand has a “corporate watch center” to train employees to spot suspicious activity.

It’s amazing people who helped Paddock didn’t report him with his many rifles and piles of ammo.

Eiland has a lot of questions for the parties in question.

“I do think that after 30 days, we ought to be having more information than we have right now. For example, we know bits and pieces. We know that he arrived with 10 bags. We know that two bellmen helped him carry those bags up. Then we find out that those 10 bags had guns in them and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. We know that MGM claims to have a ‘If you see something, say something’ policy—and you’re telling us that nobody saw those guns over a 5-day period? No maid, no housekeeping, no food service ever saw any of the guns? Nobody saw him using power drills in the hallway? Nobody saw him setting up security cameras? These are all things that need to be answered.”

After a month, we have no information, no security footage and the witnesses are hiding. Campos has his own guard said to have been hired by the MGM hotels.

What lends credibility to this report is the very earliest reports the night of the shootings said two off-duty officers were on the scene. That information disappeared from the media rather quickly.

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6 years ago

Cernovich made the claim that Vegas was an ISIS sting operation that went awry and Paddock wasn’t the shooter. It wasn’t said as being an “opinion” or belief.

This is a plausible consideration given that Comey admitted there were more than one thousand cases in the pipe, And, the case last year of the rifles and explosives attack being thwarted. It was about this time Paddock was amassing weapons, And, had explosive materials IN HIS CAR, but wasn’t configured as a device. If one connects THESE dots it can be assumed it was a sting operation to provide weapons and explosives.

I could believe that the Sheriff and even the FBI spokesman at those press conferences weren’t aware of such an operation, at least in the beginning. In the last presser, when no questions were allowed, there was an almost panic in the demeanor of both. Did they happen across such a sting operation. If this were the case, and made public, the outcry would surpass any and all previous scandals combined. Every side of every argument would rise up, Against the Government. It wouldn’t surprise me if Comey had authorized it.