Two Pro-Trump Businessmen the Left Plans to Destroy This Month


The “politically biased” ‘whistleblower’ with no first-hand information referenced two Florida businessmen in his anti-Trump complaint without naming them. We don’t know who the whistleblower is and may never know. Only Congress gets to know and question him.


We know who the about-to-be-pilloried businessmen are, however. They are Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. One of their crimes was to help Rudy Giuliani make contact with Ukrainians who claimed there was election interference in 2016 and corruption by the Bidens.

They have been subpoenaed and, with the help of the media, the congressional Democrats plan to destroy them, along with other businessmen and Trump’s State Department employees.

The left claims Rudy was in pursuit of dirt against Democratic opponents [something like Hillary, the Obama administration and the DNC did in 2016?] but Rudy says he wanted to find out exactly what happened during the 2016 election and how much Ukraine was involved. There is evidence the Obama administration sought dirt against Paul Manafort in Ukraine and got enough to get him fired as Trump’s campaign manager over a falsified black book.

In the mainstream articles, you will hear these businessmen called ‘fixers.’ You will be told Parnas was born in Soviet Ukraine and he is in a lawsuit with someone who says, “He conned us from day one.”

All of those epithets are meant to sway opinion without having to present facts. Parnas was born in Soviet Ukraine but he’s not a Soviet, he’s a U.S. citizen. They’re only called fixers because the media likes the term. The one-sided story about the people Parnas allegedly “conned” says he owes them $500,000 for a movie deal gone bad, based on a court decision. Parnas says the truth will come out about this judgement.

The Miami Herald can’t call them ‘The Ukrainians’ often enough in way of demonizing them. They are actually ‘The Americans’ of Ukrainian birth.


The businessmen are major Republican donors and they like Trump. Parnas golfs with Rudy. Mr. Parnas also has a business that could benefit from this relationship but it hasn’t and the media is now calling his business corrupt. We haven’t seen evidence of corruption because the media hasn’t presented any.

The Miami Herald detailed debts Mr. Parnas allegedly has. Okay, so what?

Parnas and Fruman own Global Energy Producers and have donated $400,000 to Republican candidates and $325,000 to a pro-Trump Super PAC. Those donations are the subject of a complaint from a ‘nonpartisan watchdog’ The Campaign Legal Center. What they don’t tell you is The Campaign Legal Center, which frequently works with Democracy 21 to shut down the free speech of conservatives, has received large donations from George Soros.

The Campaign Legal Center has smeared the company and only seems to find fault with right-wing organizations in their so-called honorable pursuit of justice.

The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is a lobbying and litigation front-group for wealthy foundation supporters seeking to restrict the First Amendment rights of American citizens, reports the Institute for Free Speech.


Parnas did make donations to help him play with the big boys as all the wealthy do.

Parnas says no one in the administration has promised to help his business because of the contribution. As for the complaint, he says the way the money was wired to the PAC was a mistake and he has learned to do it differently next time.

“It’s a whole big misunderstanding that my attorneys are going to clear up,” says Parnas.

And he says the plan to get attention didn’t work anyway. “With all this publicity it’s been difficult to do any business, obviously, in Ukraine now,” says Parnas.


In the Miami Herald article, the author writes:

But then the conspiracy theories kick in. Chief among them: Joe Biden sought to have Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired in order to forestall an investigation of his son’s company. In fact, the investigation had fallen dormant under that prosecutor. Biden’s efforts to replace him, supported by many other countries, international organizations and anti-corruption activists, actually might have made it more likely the company and his son could come under scrutiny.

Conspiracy theories??? Once I read that, I knew I couldn’t believe a word of this article.

First of all, the prosecutor swore under oath that the President told him he was fired because Joe Biden demanded it, holding US Aid in abeyance. Secondly, did the Miami Herald not see the Biden tape where he brags about extorting Ukraine while holding back US Aid? He got his wish, the prosecutor was fired and his son wasn’t interviewed over the Burisma probes.

And Biden’s son is unethical.


Mr. Parnas arranged for Rudy Giuliani to meet with Yuri Lutsenko and Viktor Shokin, another sin in the eyes of Democrats.

Former prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko gave Rudy information about the Bidens but walked much of it back. Rudy could have been snookered or Lutsenko could have been silenced. Parnas also arranged for Giuliani to meet with the fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

These two businessmen, previously known as philanthropists, are about to be destroyed, mostly for putting former mayor Giuliani in touch with key players in Ukraine, but also for committing the unforgivable sin of contributing to Republicans.

“We have God and the truth on our side, so I think that will prevail,” says Parnas.

Don’t count on it Mr. Parnas, the devil appears to be winning here in the USA where we kill fully developed babies, threaten and destroy opponents, abuse public office, run M***F**er rallies, try to overturn elections by any means necessary — even impeachment, and give sanctuary to illegal alien criminals.

This is who we are now, yeah!

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