Two Qualities Needed for Today’s Dems-No Memory & No Shame


Given the liberal left meltdown since the rousing Republican November 8th victories, one wonders just what does it take to support or be a member of today’s Democrat Party?   We’re going to keep it simple by suggesting just two basic qualities. One, the need to have no memory. Two, they must have no shame.

Here’s just a short list of substantive events that apparently have gone missing from the consciousness of millions of Dems:

Remember their breathless outrage, endlessly “voiced” by Hillary Clinton, as she spewed her utter disgust over Donald Trump saying he’d take a wait and see approach to the election before accepting the results? They apparently don’t.

How about the claim that they’d be satisfied if recounts were held in the three states Hill was supposed to, according to polling, have won handily? OK. Wisconsin wound up with more votes for The Donald. In Pennsylvania, a state Trump won by over 40,000 votes, a U.S. District Judge declared the effort “borders on the irrational” and stopped the count. Michigan was halted, soon after it was discovered voting improprieties favored Clinton.

Then there’s the Obama administration’s late November assurance to the New York Times that despite Russian attempts to undermine the presidential election it had concluded the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.” They continued, “…..we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.” Well that outpouring of info, so meaningful less than 1 month ago, is now officially purged from the left’s porous little minds.

This conveniently pathetic inability to recall, in almost no time, things once considered quite profound, has led Democrats to behave shamelessly in a number of ways:

Party “leaders” were basically mum when post election “demonstrations” became riotous. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, and others took a pass, prattling on about “free speech” while, in a number of cities, police were attacked, traffic blocked, windows shattered, cars vandalized, and properties set ablaze

Now, many of the same people who couldn’t understand the 1st Amendment not only banned “shouting fire in a crowded theatre” but would prohibit starting fires in public places, want to lecture us on the “Framers” intentions regarding the role of electors. This gaggle can’t properly interpret one of the most basic tenants of the Constitution but somehow can read the minds of some of our most intuitive and brilliant “Founding Fathers”.

And this self serving, arrogant, ignorance has led to perhaps the most unprincipled act of all; both the public and private intimidation of fellow citizens, who’ve simply accepted the additional civic responsibility of serving as electors. Republicans who hold those positions “are being harassed with a barrage of emails, phone calls and letters-and even death threats”.   Those being menaced range in age from seniors to college students. One collegiate reported being warned about getting a bullet in the back of his mouth, The New York Post reported. And from Dems we hear…..crickets. Nice.

So let the call go out as they attempt to rebuild their shattered, increasingly far left, radical, party.

Democrats Wanted

Requirements: No Memory, No Shame



  1. I think we’re being too hard on the left… I hope they never change!!!
    I hope they keep sipping their Starbucks lattes and reading their pro communist books and going on their vacations to Cuba and contributing to the Clinton Foundation and joining Black Lives Matter rallies!!!!!
    Great article Jim!

  2. The most amazing thing to me is they don’t even seem to recognize the hypocrisy of their actions and attitudes. Friends who were perfectly logical and reasonable 2 years ago have completely lost their minds.

  3. Of course, Sen John McCain (RINO-AZ) and his servile sock puppet Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) are “reaching across the aisle” to clasp Sen. Upchuck Schumer’s claw and join him in a BI-PARTISAN “investigation” into alleged Russian attempts to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump… I mean, we wouldn’t want them to investigate WHY Comrade Barry was so inept… or so subversive… or hated Hitlery so much himself… that, despite all warnings and even his own statements on the the subject that he allowed cyber security in this country to become so porous that the Russians were able to hack it. There is no doubt that the Left has no memory… nor shame… nor loyalty…. but the same can be said of RINO sellouts like McCain and his Goober Pyle sidekick, Graham.

  4. As usual, Jim is spot on…. the hypocrisy of the Democratic party is very clear… for example, Obama, in an NPR interview just now actually said that he recommends that Trump should not use too many executive orders going forward… he should try his best to get things done through the legislative process!! A typical example of “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. Now that the electoral college has deemed that Donald Trump will, in fact, actually be the 45th President of the United States, I would think that the Democratic party would regroup, lick their wounds and start planning for future elections…. but I hope that they continue to display the arrogant, childish actions they have shown us lately; the selfish, narcissistic attitude that emanates from the likes of Hillary & Bill Clinton, Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Doona Brazil, and a limitless number of other leftists in our country.

  5. I have no illusion other than : Of course they have “no memory, no shame” because that would be “inconvenient” and detrimental suicide to the socialism and progressive doctrines. I don’t even call them “liberals” anymore. It’s beyond that. They will continue down this road for months and years with their propagandist distortions of truth using their mighty war chest supplied by the likes of Soros and the ilk, pecking away, like crows, at President Trump and his administration. Haven’t they already begun ? Their next dirty business will start with the President’s appointments.
    This round of the fight has only begun. It never ends.
    Great article Jim.

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