Two More Reports Rosenstein Threatened People to Stop Probe


On Friday, we reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened the House Intelligence Committee with retaliation to stop the probe.

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett told Sean Hannity on his TV show this evening that his congressional source told him Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened Chairman Nunes and others.

Rosenstein said he was tired of dealing with the House Intelligence Committee. He threatened to request House Intel text messages to stop their probe.


Greg Jarrett said Saturday in a tweet that a second source confirmed in a meeting on January 10 Rosenstein warned the members of the House Intel Committee he would subpoena the committee’s calls and texts to stop their investigation.

Mr. Jarrett explained on Friday.


David Webb separately heard from a congressional source that Rosenstein did threaten the House Intel on January 10th.



  1. What I would Like to see is for Congress to drag this SOB in front of Congress and grill the hell out of him, But, we know how the Democrats will react.

    The Republicans Should go to the IG and have them subpoena ALL Rosenstein’s emails, text, recorded conversations, itineraries and whatever else. This sounds like a backlash for the threat of being in Contempt of Congress. Maybe they should file contempt charges anyway.

  2. Rod Rosenstein is part of the swamp, but President Trump should not fire either one of them until Mueller wraps up is witch hunt. Let him continue to waste taxpayer’s money on his corrupted investigation until he exhausts all possibilities of indicting the President. It’s a total waste of money going into hundreds of lawyer’s pocket, but at least it is in a way…amusing.

    • Meanwhile people’s lives get destroyed so you can be amised? How many people are going to have to lose everything they own to defend against this rogue special counsel. Problem is that trump can’t fire them. Wondering if there is another way to get rid of this charade of an investigation.

  3. It’s understandable the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the Networks would put little emphasis on this Memo and dismiss its conclusions. and even attack those involved.

    The word “troubling” doesn’t even come close to describing the basis for warrants, investigations etc.It was the “Attempt” to “influence” an election via Government means. I submit it is far worse to have a Political Opponent, along with Government officials and Agencies, to influence an election than it would be for a Foreign Actor, Russia. Yet, Republican Members of Congress, sympathetic media and pundits seem more concerned about Foreign actors, Russian, than the “Primary” offender, Team Clinton and the Obama administration. It’s as if everyone is saying, “Well, that just politics”. This goes far beyond “dirty politics”. It’s even far more concerning when it didn’t end with Election Day, but continued, and has continued to this day. Anytime someone mentions Russia the reply should be “Forget Russia. They aren’t even worthy players in this situation. It’s our OWN country, politicians, media and Government that is worrisome. If anything Russia has INFILTRATED ALL THESE to further Their goal”. Even Fox News do not take this serious enough. There is a LACK of outrage.

  4. It’s being reported Justice says the informed the Court of “political origins” of the Dossier. Well, isn’t that nice, so “specific”. I’m sure a political origin would mean the same to the court as a “Political Opponent” of a Presidential Campaign. I’m sure the Court would have had the Same reaction.

    I’m sure the next document to be used is Wolff’s book, maybe by Mueller.

  5. Wouldn’t it be interesting after McCain’s outburst of the Memo’s release that his part would be revealed. What if in the FISC documents they referenced McCain as a “source” as was done with the Yahoo article, since he sent some emissary in relation to that dossier.

  6. Adam Sciff is a RUSSIAN AGENT; according to Intelligence Report. He was on “RT” about FISA abuse in 2013. So, Russia has been grooming Schiff for years.

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