Two Senate Republicans Scuttled a Great Judge Liberals Also Like


Republicans do not have control of Congress thanks to the Never Trump Republicans. They are more vicious and untrustworthy than the Democrats. They hate the idea of ‘America First’ and they hate the agenda.

John McCain is an obvious leader in this but he hasn’t been back to D.C. since December.

Mitch McConnell tries to control them, but the hate just overwhelms decisions as it did recently in the case of a perfectly outstanding judge. The Trump nominee was torpedoed by Senators Marco Rubio and Tim Scott over political comments he made in college.

A number of liberals even agree he is highly qualified for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The attacks from the right were the deciding factor.


Breitbart reports that Ryan Bounds, an Oregon Federal prosecutor clerked for Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain on the Ninth Circuit and has very impressive credentials. The left-wing American Bar Association [ABA] unanimously voted Bounds as qualified for the 9th Circuit.

College essays do not disqualify a person, the ABA said.

This important nomination, a historic one with a conservative judge was taken down by Rubio and Scott over writings in a college newspaper and it’s really because he’s a Trump-nominated judge.

George Soros’s Democracy Alliance didn’t like Bounds which should have been a reason for a Republican to pick him.

In his writings, Bounds compared diversity training to a “pestilence,” ridiculed multiculturalism and criticized race-based groups on campus.

Bounds apologized for “overheated” language while writing in the school newspaper at Stanford. But the two Trump hating establishment guys decided to nix his candidacy.

In addition to Rubio, and sometimes Scott, other establishment liberal Republicans like Susan Collins, John McCain Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake can’t be trusted. Collins, McCain, and Flake are really Democrats.

There was no legitimate reason to scuttle Bounds other than Trump hate. College papers are never in the mix. Soon, they will be going back to high school and grammar school.


Rubio took his hatred a step further on Sunday, telling Jake Tapper that intelligence officials properly obtained a FISA warrant to monitor Trump campaign associate Carter Page, and that surveillance was “justified.”

The Department of Justice released the FISA warrant application, which undermined a number of key claims in the Nunes memo, according to left-wing Lawfare blog. It isn’t true. The released documents bolstered Nunes’s case.

Even though the evidence points to something quite different, little Marcom joined the crowd that hopes to take down the President.

Rubio also said surveillance of Page wasn’t spying on the Trump campaign. He made that comment despite the fact that the warrant covered everyone in the campaign — if they picked them up “incidentally”.

Never Trumpism is a disease.

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Happy Customer
Happy Customer
4 years ago

Interesting. Thanks for the heads- up. Rubio (whom I’ve never trusted) and Tim Scott (whom I don’t follow or know). I know Rubios trying to pave his way to the Presidency. Not sure about the other one.

DONT they realize that it’s Donald Trump who speaks to the people (ACROSS our country)? Don’t they realize that in opposing Trump they lose votes?

How crazy! The most effective (in POSITIVE ways) President to come along since Reagan (and it’s NOT all about economy/our wallets) and they try to build create distance from him? They try to carve out a niche that only pegs them as CIPOs (Conservatives in perception only)? Seriously, STAND for your country/Constitution OR GO HOME.

Our President is doing what he can for truth, liberty and REALITY. Are these people so blinded by personal ambition that they can’t see that most folks (even the leftists IMHO) are starving for THIS… and that’s why we distrust most politicians.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Both of these lackluster politicians who pretend to be conservative do not have any moral convictions towards principles of freedom within the Constitution.

4 years ago

What a huge disappointment these two turned out to be!