Two Ships of Statism


rino suicide

By Anthony Stark

According to recent polling data 62%(!) of the public says in a poll that “there is too much government power and too little individual freedom in the United States today” while only 10% feel the opposite (viz. that there is too little government) and 16% think the mix is about right.

Therefore SIX TIMES the number of people in this country want a smaller rather than a larger government…

…more, the report indicates that 2/3rds report that they reject a welfare/warfare/nanny state… which is a fairly good description of neo-Fascism… while only 23% say they “they trust the federal government to do the right thing at least most of the time.”

Rasmussen report

Yet the Republican Party, ostensibly the party of limited government, has LOST the last 2 presidential elections to a full blown collectivist statist and appears to be utterly incapable of pulling the Party out of its minority status despite having achieved tremendous off-year election victories in Congressional, Gubernatorial and local races across the country in 2010 and 2014.

These off year victories were fueled by insurgent Constitutional Conservative and Libertarian candidates who ran against the policies of the Establishment “RINO” Republicans that still control the Party leadership.

Worse, the Party continues to wallow in the depths insofar as its popularity with the public, which continues to see it as a party of rich, greedy country club “fat cats” that cares nothing about the Middle Class or their problems (which, in fact, exactly describes the RINO wing of the party.)

Their likely opponent in 2016 is an old, strident, totally unlikeable political hack with a record of sleazy corruption, failure and lack of accomplishment that is breathtaking… yet the polls show her leading all of the potential Republican candidates, declared and undeclared.

In my opinion this is only partially explained by the fact that Hillary Clinton is far better known than the fresher Republican candidates like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio.

But I think the fuller explanation rests on the fact that the voters see… correctly… that the Republican Party leadership is dominated by a pack of sclerotic re-treads who are, in their essence, no different from the statists in the Democrat party and are, in actuality, at one with them as instrumentalities of the Crony Corporatists in the Chamber of Commerce and Banks that OWN THEM BOTH.

If the Republican Party wants to win… that is, secure a meaningful win that puts the country back on the course toward Limited Government under the Constitution rather than simply being a slower moving vessel destined to arrive at same dead-end destination of anti-Constitutional neo-Fascist Statism… it must reject the RINO approved, destined to fail choices of a Jeb Bush, a Chris Christie, a John Kasich or a Mike Huckerbee and nominate a Constitutional Conservative / Libertarian…

…that is, if they want to accomplish their goal of restoring the Nation as a democratic Capitalist Republic rather than living with the disastrous results and continual failure of a corrupt Party “leadership” not worthy of the title.




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