Two Socialist Stars of the Democrat Party Go to Kansas for the Revolution


The rising stardom of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is largely due to the Mao-style propaganda machine. They have become cult figures. Their message is the same as Mao’s — cultural revolution to the hard-left. This week, they will campaign together for hard-left candidates in the red state of Kansas.

Described as “one of the most promising Democratic candidates” by, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are campaigning together in Kansas in July to make a case for their left agenda in red states.

What they are not saying is they are Socialists [Communists] and the candidates are not what people think of when they think “Democrat”.

“All over this country, you have people who understand that we need to [change] the minimum wage to a living wage; that health care is a right; that we need to rebuild our infrastructure,” Sanders, a Vermont senator, told The Washington Post. “Those are popular issues in the Bronx. These are popular issues in Vermont. In Kansas, they’ve gone through the Brownback agenda, and they do not believe you should give tax breaks to the rich and cut Social Security.”

O-Cortez is a “political darling” because she defeated a powerful Democrat incumbent and is an attractive Puerto Rican. She won because few turned out to vote and her Primary opponent, the complacent Joe Crowley didn’t bother to campaign.

Both O-Cortez and Sanders are Democratic Socialists. Their agenda is further left than that of the Communist Party USA. The only difference worth mentioning between Democratic Socialists, Socialists, and Communists is you get to vote for your dictator. But once in office, you don’t get them out because they buy constituents.


They will be supporting James Thompson in Wichita. Thompson is seeking the 4th Congressional District after losing the seat by six points in a 2017 special election.  They are also supporting Brent Welder, who is running for the Democratic nomination in the 3rd Congressional District.

Both are far-left, call themselves Progressives, but implement a Socialist agenda.

Brent Welder is supported by the Democratic Socialists of America and the hard-left Justice Dems. He is a Bernie guy through-and-through.

Candidate Thompson, a Bernie Sanders supporter,  plays to the middle, emphasizing his military background, but his Marxist supporters regard him as a “progressive Democrat,” very much worthy of their support. His right-hand woman is Rhonda Cox.  In November 2016, Rhonda Cox joined the 400 member Wichita Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook groups and has signaled her intention to attend at least two Wichita DSA meetings since then, Trevor Loudon reveals.

Cox gets help from leftist organizations like Sister District and MoveOn. Emily’s List provides serious funding.

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5 years ago

So are Sanders and Occasional-Kotex there to see who can offer the most freebies?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Each of us has a natural right–from God–to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation pf the other two. These socialists will use the law to destroy human freedom, annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain; limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect.