Occupier Takes Over New York City’s Purse Strings


Melissa Mark-Viverito, a millionaire hypocrite, has been unanimously elected City Council Speaker. She has a very close relationship with Mayor Bill de Blasio, a communist, and she will be in charge of the money.

Mark-Vivierito has never met a taxpayer subsidy she doesn’t like. She is a spend-and-tax hard- left statist like comrade De Blasio. She rallied with the communists down at Occupy Wall Street.


Melissa Mark-Vivierto stands in the middle holding the Occupy sign with fellow statists.

According to the NY Post, she bought a house funded partly by taxpayers and plum forgot to declare rental income to municipal ethics authorities.

She now holds the second most powerful position in city government and will control the $70 billion annual budget. She will spend away and do so according to the plan outlined by Comrade de Blasio.

In 2009, she wrote a letter to the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, claiming that the so-called “Cuban Five’’ were “unjustly imprisoned in the United States for trying to prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba.’’

The five communist spies who were supposedly “unjustly imprisoned” infiltrated a naval base in Florida. They were  convicted in 2001 of espionage conspiracy against the United States and are lucky they weren’t executed.

“One of the five, Gerardo Hernandez, was convicted of murder conspiracy — for providing information about the flight plans of two small planes shot down by the Cuban government in 1996, killing four,” the NY Post reported.

Mark-Vivierto wanted more family visitations for these losers.

What does it say about her that she wants to free Cuban Communist spies?

Bill de Blasio said he and Vivierto have very similar goals for the city. I don’t doubt it.


Mark-Vivierto in 2012

In a statement to Breitbart News, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R–FL) said:

“I wish that the same energy and passion that the Council Speaker dedicates to defending convicted spies from the communist regime in Cuba would instead be spent on defending the freedom hungry Cubans on the island who are daily repressed and want international solidarity for their cause of liberty. These Cuban spies were convicted in US courts where they were afforded rights that no one is Cuba is granted because there is no true impartial judicial system on the island. If the Mayor and the Council Speaker would go to Cuba and speak against the oppressive regime, they would understand just how precious are the freedoms we enjoy in our great nation.”

Breitbart also reports that Mark-Viverito is known for calling for the release, via petition, of Oscar Lopez Rivera, the imprisoned leader of the Puerto Rican terrorist organization, the FALN (the Spanish acronym for Armed Forces of National Liberation), in 2010.

The FALN, a 16-member Puerto Rican terrorist organization, robbed banks, committed armed robberies, and murdered six people as well as injuring scores of others, all while using the excuse of wanting Puerto Rican independence.

Eric Holder gave them clemency if they renounced violence. All but one gave their pinky-swear. Lovely people. Who wouldn’t want them back in American society.

This is they type of person that American-haters and communists support. That is who Mark-Vivierto is and that is who De Blasio is. De Blasio is a big fan of the communist Sandanistas who are known for horrendous human rights abuses.

Greenfield reporting for FrontPage Magazine remembered her refusal to say the Pledge before meetings until she became serious about the Council position. She is known to have friends in anti-American, communist places. She is friends with Bolivia’s president and has traveled with Evo Morales who is friends with the likes of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Gothamist ridiculed the NY Post for calling her a cocaine-loving communist so I won’t call her that. Let’s just say her beliefs match that of the Communist Party USA.

Time to wake up America. You won’t like a Communist, Cuban-style dictatorship in the United States.


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