Two Things You Must Know About the “Dossier”


The biased media wants you to believe that much of the dossier has been confirmed but they fail to mention who confirmed it and who the sources are. This is what we know.

First here’s a great summary from Rob Eno at CR: The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC reportedly paid a law firm to hide payments from the FEC that ultimately went to Fusion GPS, a shady opposition-research shop that then paid a retired foreign spy to investigate their American political rival with the help of the Kremlin. That “investigation” found its way to the FBI through Sen. John McCain and reportedly formed the basis for obtaining FISA warrants for the Obama administration to spy on political opponents.


A little-known adviser and short-lived energy consultant on the Trump campaign is a “person of interest” in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the presidential campaign, Democrats Sen’s. Burr and Warner say.

George Papadopoulos also advised Dr. Carson’s campaign.

Burr told BuzzFeed that George Papadopoulos is “definitely a person of interest” in the committee’s probe. He had sent emails to several top campaign officials during the campaign attempting to set up meetings between Trump and Russian government officials, including Vladimir Putin.

Jeff Sessions quickly shot that down at the time, saying they weren’t going there.

Papadopoulos is an acquaintance of Sergei Millian, the chairman of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce and an alleged source of some of the most serious allegations made in the infamous Trump dossier.

It must be noted her that the only ones who sold out U.S. energy were Hillary Clinton, her minions and Barack Obama.

This smells like a set up which Sessions didn’t buy into.

The Independent reported that Millian is a source of the most salacious accusations against Trump. Million’s allegations were central to the dossier compiled by the former spy, Christopher Steele.

While the dossier has not been verified and its claims have been denied by Trump, Steele’s document said that Millian’s assertions had been corroborated by other sources, including in the Russian government and former intelligence sources (Russian?).

Insofar as we know, the sources were mostly Russian at the same time Russia was engaged in a disinformation campaign to create chaos in the U.S. election.

The sources of the “Russia-Trump dossier” were senior Russian officials: Source A—to use the careful nomenclature of his dossier—was ‘a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure.’ Source B was ‘a former top level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin.’

The Wall Street Journal, The Independent, The Washington Post, and ABC News reported back in January that Millian is referred to as “Source D” and as “Source E” in the Steele dossier.


There are reports that the freelance spy who put together the information in the dossier was paying Russians for their information and used intermediaries. Former acting CIA director and Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate Michael Morrell said this was discrediting:

‘Then I asked myself, why did these guys provide this information, what was their motivation? And I subsequently learned that he paid them. That the intermediaries paid the sources and the intermediaries got the money from Chris. And that kind of worries me a little bit because if you’re paying somebody, particularly former [Russian Federal Security Service] officers, they are going to tell you truth and innuendo and rumor, and they’re going to call you up and say, ‘Hey, let’s have another meeting, I have more information for you,’ because they want to get paid some more,’ Morrell said.

Far from being “verified,” the dossier is better described as demonstrably false. That includes getting basic facts about Russia wrong, making claims — such as the claim that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen met with Federation Council foreign affairs head Konstantin Kosachev in Prague — that are verifiably wrong, making cartoonishly outlandish claims about finances, and various other problems.

Three Russian businessmen, Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan have sued Washington investigations firm Fusion GPS and its founder, Glenn Simpson, over allegations that they were libeled in Steele’s dossier. They say they were seriously harmed by allegations in the dossier “of criminal conduct and alleged cooperation with the ‘Kremlin’ to influence the 2016 presidential election.”

Bloomberg reported that a former, anonymous U.S. Intelligence official [Brennan, some other Obama minion?], said that the dossier didn’t exist as a formal document when the FBI began its investigation in July 2016 and wouldn’t have been used as the sole basis to obtain eavesdropping warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. He did add, however that it’s possible the FBI was made aware of some of the allegations that eventually went into the dossier, and those allegations played a role in the FBI opening its investigation, the former official said.

Lots of double speak there from a former Obama minion. If it wasn’t used or not used in the very beginning, then why don’t they release subpoenaed information to Congress? We also know that they were not only aware, they reimbursed some of the expenses in creating it.

The FBI has resisted all oversight by congressional committees looking into the FBI’s role in funding and use of the dossier. Perhaps the agency is worried it will be revealed that a FISA court judge was misled about the provenance of the dossier.

In March, Washington Post used anonymous sources to report the FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to spy on U.S. citizen Carter Page, an unpaid and informal adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, as part of an investigation into links between Russia and the Trump campaign. CNN used anonymous sources to report that the infamous “golden showers” dossier was used as part of the justification to win approval to monitor the Trump associate.

The FBI had tried to pay for the dossier and had, in fact, reimbursed expenses for the dossier. We do not know if those expenses include the payments to the Russian officials for salacious stories on Republican nominee for president Trump.

Fusion GPS has sketchy and questionable connections.

The principals at Fusion GPS are well-connected to mainstream media reporters. They are former journalists themselves, and know how to package stories and provide information to push narratives. They are, in fact, close friends with some of the top reporters who have covered the Russia-Trump collusion story.

At a July hearing, Senate Judiciary members were told Fusion GPS helped advocate the interests of corrupt Russian and Venezuelan officials while hiding its foreign work from federal authorities.

They do work for Soros groups.

Christopher Steele

Steele himself went right to the hard-left publication Mother Jones to get the story published. Mother Jones is run by George Sors.


CNN reported Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian meddling in last year’s election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, has approved the first charges stemming from the probe. The charges are sealed, and it was unclear who was implicated, CNN said.

Thursday, the FBI informant on Uranium One is cleared to testify before Congress. Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller files charges. Interesting!

It is believed that much of the investigation grew out of the widely-discredit dossier which Democrats now call opposition research after they spent months flailing about, describing the dossier as an exposé of Trump-Russia collusion by highly-respected intelligence sources.

Many believe Paul Manafort is on the top of the hit list. His realtor recently testified before the grand jury. In early October, Mueller’s team and the Senate Intelligence Committee were seeking any evidence that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort or others who had financial dealings with Russia might have helped Kremlin intelligence agencies target email hacking and social media postings.

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, Carter Page have been investigated.

It is very likely that charges will be based on perjury since it’s easy to trip someone up on facts, but that is yet to be determined.

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