Two Versions of Rape, the Odd Case of Antonio Brown


After his fall from grace in Oakland, Antonio Brown made it to the Patriots. He is poised to play in the next game but along comes Britney Taylor, a former gymnast turned personal trainer who claims he molested her twice and raped her on a third occasion.


Taylor says they met at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting at Central Michigan University in 2010, when she was a freshman and he a dynamic receiver for the school’s football team, according to the suit.

They read the bible together.

Brown, then a Pittsburgh Steeler, allegedly reached out to her on Facebook and asked for “help improving flexibility and strength in his ankles and fast-twitch muscles,” according to the suit.

Within a month, he burst in on her while she was changing and kissed her against her will, the suit claims.

Britney says she thought she defined her boundaries. They continued to read scriptures together. One day, a month later, he came up behind her and masturbated.

The next day, Taylor got a series of profanity-laden text messages from Brown firing her — and dehumanizing her.

“F–k your knowledge bitch I bell all-pro before I even knew u!” Brown purportedly wrote. “U a disgrace to lil girls u a failed gymnast living in the past.”

They reconciled in May 2018, allegedly, but he soon raped her, according to her suit, pinning her down and telling her he knew she wanted it.

She allegedly passed a lie detector test. They’re not reliable and we don’t know who administered the test.


Brown’s lawyer Darren Heitner tweeted that his client “denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit.”

In a later message, he added his client “will leave no stone unturned and will aggressively defend himself, including exercising all of his rights in countersuits.”

The lawyer said he was approached by Taylor in 2017 after he signed the contract for millions in the NFL.

“At that time, Mr. Brown was asked to invest $1.6 million dollars in the accusers business project,” the lawyer’s statement claimed.

“Mr. Brown was not informed by his accuser that she had just been levied with a $30,000 IRS tax lien or that $300,000 of the $1.6 million so-called ‘investment’ was to be used to purchase a property already owned by the accuser and her mother.”

Heitner says Brown refused to invest in the scheme and the accuser then cut all communications with him.

However, she then resurfaced in 2018 and offered to travel to Pennsylvania and to South Florida to train Brown for the upcoming season.

“Thereafter, the accuser engaged Mr. Brown in a consensual personal relationship. Any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual,” the lawyer explained.

Heitner says that even after Taylor’s purported May 2018 rape claim, she continued to travel to Brown’s residences on multiple occasions in Florida and Tennessee.

He says she continued communications with Brown throughout 2018 and says she even asked him for tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers football game in the winter the same year.

There’s more evidence, the lawyer says, to include her posting photos of Mr. Brown on her social media to benefit from his celebrity, after the alleged rape. He portrays her as a vixen luring him in for sex.

The lawsuit is a civil suit, not a criminal lawsuit, but the problem for Brown is the NFL will investigate. He is in a weak position already. The NFL is considering sidelining him with pay.

Taylor sued Brown two days after he signed his latest lucrative contract. She is about to marry. Taylor will meet with the NFL after the wedding.

No complaint was made to anyone when the assaults took place.

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