Two Words That Could Literally Destroy the USA



We need to start dealing with reality which includes the fact that we are dealing with radical Islamic terrorism. It’s not Islamophobia to say it and we must say it just like we have to admit there is a global jihad. The usual Muslim backlash-Islamophobia articles have already appeared. They are meant to silence but look at the facts. Political correctness could literally destroy us.

Up to 5,000 Europeans have returned to the continent after being trained at terrorist camps, the head of Europol has said.

They are here also and it only takes a dozen or two to launch a terror attack. There are a lot more terror attacks coming.

Our southern border is wide open but the mainstream media, except for Fox News, are NOT reporting it. The FBI has informed us that there is no way to vet refugees properly.

The former deputy assistant director of the Army and the Army’s general counsel, Van Hipp told the Fox & Friends hosts Tuesday that in 2011 alone, we caught 59,000 people from other than Mexico and many terrorist countries coming across our borders illegally. Border Patrol estimates they only catch 40% of the people crossing illegally. These people mean us harm.

Political correctness is killing us. It’s not “criminal activity”, it’s “Islamic terrorism.”

ISIS has told us they will exploit the refugee system to attack us and to infiltrate our political system. The refugee thing is HUGE. What is the upside for us? There is plenty of downside.

Hipp said he was speaking to a Norweigan friend and discovered that Mullah Krekar, the founder of Ansar al-Islam, the organization which in part joined ISIS, was released from jail in Norway last week and is wandering the streets. Hipp asks how much of a wake up call do we need?

Hipp said we need to think outside the box.

ISIS has since taken credit for the attack.

Laura Ingraham was on Fox & Friends this morning making perfect sense but Media Matters put the segment up to mock her.

It sounds like common sense to me but you decide.

Brussels ran an ad campaign mocking even the idea of a terrorist attack only two months ago, two months after the Paris attack. This is PC run amok.

In an ad campaign that aired two months beforeTuesday’s terrorist attacks, the tourism department of Brussels ridiculed the notion that the city was violent or prone to terrorist violence. They want people to visit but the ad makes them look foolish.

The city set up a series of phones that people could call from all around the world and have everyday people in Brussels answer. “Did you see some people who are fighting with guns or bombs?” one caller asks.

“No!” the person who answered the phone laughs. “Oh my god, no way!”


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