TX Mall Robbery’s Not Gun Violence But Rather Illegal Alien Criminal Violence


Wouldn’t they make fine upstanding citizens.

The attempted mall robbery in Texas has disappeared from the news. It was dramatically reported at first as gun violence. Gun grabbers thought they had a great case against guns until they realized no shots were fired. The noise was glass breaking.

It gets better and it’s the reason you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media.

Seven suspects who were arrested in connection with an attempted robbery at a jewelry store in Texas over the weekend have been identified as Mexican nationals that were in the U.S. illegally.

Until these bozos complete their sentences, we won’t know the details of how they got here, how long they’ve been here, and what other crimes they might have committed. At that time, they will be turned over to CPB.

Zepeda Abner Posos, 24; Alberto Rafael Barrera, 32; Brayan Oliver Melchor, 23; and Javier Leobardo Olvera-Ramirez, 22, were each charged with aggravated robbery and received a $200,000 bond, according to KRGV.

Jorge Angel Rodriguez Mejia, 28; Miguel Quintanilla-Cardenas, 26; and Raul Alberto Rangel-Rivera, 43, were also charged.

The men, five of whom reportedly gave police fake names, each face an extra charge with another $10,000 bond.

There might have been more involved, but the police caught seven.

ABC local News actually lied and reported Tuesday that authorities were still determining the immigration status of the men, who range in age from 22 to 43. The most recent CBS local news didn’t mention immigration status. The AP didn’t bother updating with the criminals’ immigration status.

An illegal from Haiti just murdered a 29-year old police officer. That too has died out of the news. We will see more of this if we don’t do something about our open borders and our corrupt press.


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