Typical Dem Eric Holder Hates America — America Was Never Great


Democrats are finally admitting they hate America and think it was never great. Take Eric Holder for example.

After speaking during Wednesday’s wide-ranging interview on MSNBC, Eric Holder was asked by host Ari Melber: “There is a lot of talk about America being a leader as a democracy, quote-unquote, in the 1800s when women and African-Americans couldn’t vote. What kind of democracy is that?” 

Holder then ripped into Trump’s campaign rally cry.

“That’s exactly right. And that’s what I hear these things about ‘let’s make America great again’ and I think to myself, ‘exactly when did you think America was great’?” he said on the show.

Holder also said, “It takes us back to what I think, an American past that never in fact really existed. This notion of greatness.”

Democrats hate America. Why do you think they’re overrunning the place with foreigners who will vote for them?

Now they just want to hate white people, white men, Republicans, anyone who disagrees with them. And that’s okay! The bigotry he refers to was and is a worldwide problem.

Remember when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the same thing recently?

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