Typical HORRIFYING Attack in Minneapolis Caught on Camera


This crime wave in Minneapolis should be in the national news, but it doesn’t fit the narrative. There were numerous victims and horrifying assaults in a recent crime wave in an already dangerous city. The criminals, possibly African immigrants not black Americans, most of them juveniles, prey on intoxicated victims, beat and torture them, and rob them of their cellphones.

One such incident was caught on cam. The victim was brutally beaten, punched, kicked, whipped with a belt, rode over with a bicycle, stripped, jumped on, hit with planting pots, robbed of his phone, spat on, and garbage was thrown at him.

More than a dozen men have been arrested in Ilhan Omar’s 14th district on suspicion of involvement in the vicious attack. Police believe it might be a crime ring. Police arrested 16 people in total between the ages of 13 and 25, according to KTSP.

“One of the incidents happened on Aug. 3 near Target Field. According to the criminal complaint, the footage shows approximately 12 males attempting to take a cellphone from a male victim, viciously beating him,” KSTP continued. “The suspects are seen ripping the victim’s shoes and pants off and then going through his pockets. The victim is noted to be punched and kicked in the head several times throughout the altercation. At one point, the complaint states the victim is thrown to the ground — left motionless — then repeatedly jumped on, hit with planting pots and ridden over with a bicycle. Once police arrive, the victim and all suspects involved are gone.”

Then on Sept. 6, after further investigation, officers recognized one of the assailants from the video and arrested him. He is identified as Boris Likuwa Lusumbo, 20. He admitted his guilt. Among the other criminals were Adrian Jamal Cooper, 25; Antonio Kolli Morrow, 21; Jamar Shamar Robinson, 20.


According to Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder, robbery is up 46% in downtown Minneapolis from last year. In a three-week period in August, there were 47 robberies, and the prize each time was a smartphone.

Minneapolis has one of the highest crime rates in the U.S. and is in the top 1% of the most dangerous places in Minnesota, as well as being ranked the worst place in the country for black Americans to live.

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