Tyranny! Obama Will Use Executive Action to Move His Progressive Agenda



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“We are a nation of laws, or at least we used to be. We have become a nation of subjects living at the mercy of the whims of progressive politicians willing to use government agencies, their positions and a complicit media to trample voter’s rights, silence opposition and impose an agenda voters rejected and reject laws they explicitly supported. If the law can be overruled or ignored by politicians in this way, and government agencies can be weaponized, all while being ignored by the self-appointed “free press,” liberty isn’t just threatened, it’s dead.”

~ Derek Hunter, Townhall

Mr. Obama’s failures are not the result of failed policies, but rather they are because he has not distanced himself enough from the ‘recalcitrant Congress’. He governs more like a ‘Prime Minister’ who is beholden to elected officials as opposed to a President who can act independently. Those are the latest words of wisdom from the White House and they will help define Mr. Obama’s pen and phone strategy from a left-wing perspective.

From the perspective of people who adhere to the Constitution, this is the beginning of despotism.

Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said that he wrote an ‘unsolicited’ three-page memo that is being discussed by Obama with his Cabinet.

The memo explains that Obama’s efforts to work with Congress have brought him down.

It is ironic that the White House would invent this phony ruse since he never works with Congress and the reality is the opposite of what the White House is saying.

Dan Pfeiffer wrote the alleged memo to Denis McDonough. The Washington Post reported that the memo explained the Administration was facing a divided Congress and Obama’s legislative record cannot be used to judge him.  The five failed Obama years are the fault of Congress, the memo indicated.

It was Congress that killed all of Mr. Obama’s proposals and it is Congress that must be discarded.

Obama hopes to make himself and his State of the Union speech relevant by blaming Congress. How unexpected!

‘A State of the Union creates a contract with the public about what you say and what you will do,’ said John D. Podesta, a senior adviser to Obama brought in this month to help design an effective governing strategy around the president’s goals.

‘In that sense it is like a campaign, and it disciplines the priorities of the White House by creating an operation manual for the year ahead,’ he said. ‘It is certainly in that spirit we are approaching this year’s State of the Union.’

The ‘operation manual is to put the Imperial Presidency on speed.

Another unnamed official was quoted by The Washington Post: ‘The political discussion, the press, the politicians want to pull the president into the role of prime minister. So you have to swerve really hard to the executive powers at a time like this.’

The Administration is pretending that the president has these powers under the Constitution and has not choice but to use them.

Are Americans falling for this?

Podesta and Pfeiffer have been meeting regularly to plan how Obama should use his pen and phone in the coming year. Podesta said executive actions will include work to execute the Climate Action Plan, the big government blueprint to address the alleged global warming.

The Obama Administration plans to give unprecedented power to advisers and Cabinet secretaries. The Washington Post reports: ‘McDonough and others are also trying to knock down some of the walls within the administration that have often kept advisers and Cabinet secretaries limited to narrowly defined areas of expertise.’

Advisers and Cabinet secretaries will be given the power to help Obama implement his policies. They will become legislators – powerful legislators – in other words.

The Washington Post reported that McDonough is meeting with his Cabinet secretaries to find ways to make them policymakers with the power to execute policy directly.

The idea, Podesta said, is to ‘get more throw weight’ behind these ideas.

Climate change, immigration reform, Wall Street financial regulations and implementation of Obamacare will be finished with Executive Actions and overreaching advisers and agencies.

The highlights from Pfeiffer’s ‘unsolicited’ memo includes this quote from Obama: ‘One of the things that I’ll be emphasizing in this meeting is the fact that we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need. I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.’

‘We’ll be doing that as aggressively as possible,’ said an unnamed senior administration official, ‘and if we succeed, that is a big presidency.’

Big presidency is code for dictatorship.

Dan Pfeiffer speaking on Fox News Sunday said that Mr. Obama will use Executive Actions to move his agenda FORWARD!  He said ‘If Congress doesn’t act, the president will.’

Listen to this clip:

The problems are all of Mr. Obama’s doing.

The Senate has been dysfunctional because of Reid’s nuclear option and his refusal to give the minority any voice whatsoever. The House majority does not agree with Mr. Obama who will not compromise.

Mr. Obama wants to raise the minimum wage. The minimum wage covers jobs that primarily employ young people. Raising the wage will mean fewer jobs for the young.

The income inequality Obama continually complains about is his doing. Mr. Obama has made it far worse than any administration before him since The Great Depression.

Obama has taken the unreasonable position that the debt ceiling be raised without any limitations at a time when the debt and deficit are out of control.

His agenda is impossibly inadequate but if the Republicans don’t go along with every bit of it, he will simply take over the power of legislation.



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