Tyrant-a-Soros Lays Out a Costly Asylum Plan for the “Selfish” EU to Follow




One of the most evil men on earth has an asylum plan that will undoubtedly make him a lot of money as he accuses the EU of being selfish for not spending more money on refugees and taking more in. Perhaps he should spend some of his own billions on taking care of the wandering millions.

George Soros has a history of using his “Open” Society influence to destabilize nations in preparation for some form of regime change which always ends up a profitable venture for him. Nothing he says can be trusted.

George Soros has a six-point plan to take in refugees in accordance with his shaky moral principles. We need to pay attention to it because Barack Obama’s ideology and policies are in line with the Open Society.

Soros wants the EU to take AT LEAST a million asylum-seekers annually ad infinitum. It’s nice to know that it isn’t only the U.S. he wants to destroy. One has to wonder what he has in mind for the U.S..

He wants the refugees to be given $16,000 each to live on as if that would even remotely cover the expenses. In the U.S., 90% of the refugees are on government assistance.

The funds to support these refugees will come from long-term bonds and this is supposed to stimulate the EU economy.

According to him, the EU must also fund the 4 million refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey and they must support the frontline countries to the tune of $8 billion and the U.S. will cover the rest. There must be one EU Asylum and Migration Agency for the entire EU. Safe channels must be established from Greece and Italy to their destination countries.

Imagine one agency handling this mass of humanity that can be manipulated by globalists like Soros. Oh, and he wants them to choose their destination country even though they will choose a country with the most government assistance.

Soros wants GLOBAL standards for the treatment of refugees. Lastly, the private sector – corporations for example – must be mobilized to act as sponsors. They can certainly benefit from the cheap labor and perhaps they can get their hands on the $16,000 per refugee.

Soros decried the Hungarian six-point plan which “subordinates the human rights” of refugees to the security of borders. Perish the thought! Imagine caring about the security of borders.

Hungarian leaders are on to him.

The Hungarian minister leading the Prime Minister’s Office János Lázár responded to journalists on Thursday. He told them if Hungary needed a workforce they’d look for ethnic Hungarians living in neighboring countries. “This does not coincide with George Soros’ standpoint,” he said. “He obviously does this in the context of selflessness, like when he had bankrupted a few countries.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the UN this past week that what Europe is facing today is “not a refugee crisis” but a “mass migratory movement composed of economic migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and also foreign fighters.” He added that it is “an uncontrolled and unregulated process”.

We don’t even know who these refugees are and no one has a way to screen them.

This could end in regime changes and the globalist Soros and his allies will be ready and waiting. Soros likes to present himself as a great humanitarian but the only thing he cares about is what’s in it for him.

We have a suggestion for George Soros and that would be to spend some of his own money on some serious plastic surgery, starting with the bags under his eyes.


Source: projectsyndicate.org




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