Did a U.C. Berkeley Admin Brag About Being an Antifa Bent on Beating Up Right-Wingers?


The Sentinel reported Friday that it is believed an Antifa leader who beat Trump supporters during the U.C. Berkeley riots this week bragged about it on Twitter. His tweets as @Teen_Archer and @scioscialist. He might also be a U.C. Berkeley administrator.

Following are two tweets he posted because he’s a moron who brags about committing a crime, though he might think it’s not a crime if you beat up people he disagrees with. They are all Nazis according to him.

A Twitter user named Pave Darker says he’s found the culprit and he’s employed in U.C. Berkeley administration.

The person he accused is one Ian Dabney Miller who coincidentally gave an interview to the New York Daily News, placing himself at the scene.

Ian Miller, a Berkeley staffer who attended the demonstration, said cops in gas masks and helmets began firing plastic disks at protesters as the fire licked against the student union building.

WE REP THE BAY @E40 pic.twitter.com/Cz4ERR42Gm

— Eugene V. Dabs (@teen_archer) February 2, 2017

The Daily News used the same “Eugene V. Dabs (@teen_archer) tweet in the story about the protest turned violent.

If you go to his Twitter page, Pave Darker keeps responding to Young Turks Anna Kasparian on Twitter because of her claims that the right wing provoked the Berkeley attacks. Young Turks and CNN both floated that lie though they know it’s a lie. All that matters is getting the soundbite out there and the damage is done.

Ann Kasparian, a truly despicable person, tweeted the following, suggesting the right were the violent fascists at Berkeley.

The videos by these fake news promulgators claiming antifa [anti-fascists fascists] could be the right-wing follows.



Pave Darker found a link to the attacker’s Facebook account with his real name, he believes. This needs more investigation but the ties are very, very, very interesting.

The Twitter sleuth did a search of teen archer’s Facebook page under his twitter handle and uncovered a name, photos, and location. From there, he did a search of faculty at U.C. Berkeley and came up with the same name and photo.

You can go on to Twitter and search for ‘teen archer’ and ‘Eugene V. Dabs’ for more tweets about the accused.

We leave it to the reader to decide and will update if the accused comes forward.

A friend of Miller’s, Charles Roberts, who has since cleansed his friends’ list and tweets on Facebook, once posted this according to Anon. We can’t verify because everything has been cleansed as we said.

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7 years ago

This is the fruit of decades of philosophical assault by far left intellectuals: mindless violence from the self-righteously ignorant, who are as uninformed as they are brutal. The following should be on a bumper sticker: “If you got beat up today, thank a professor.”

Also re: Dabney Miller, it’s a huge ,huge legal liability for university if one of its staff was beating up people. That said, suing someone or arresting them after the fact won’t un-burn stores or un-injure people after the fact. Better thing would be for the cops to have stopped it.

In fact, every time I see a riot like this my first thought is, whatever the cops were doing didn’t work. Whether they were outnumbered, or politics tied their hands, the fact is if the cops aren’t going to stop a violent mob, then the mob wins.

7 years ago

Time to get violent with the left.

7 years ago

We need more Pave Darkers.. we all need to become him. Lets start using the tactics of the left right back on them. They dox people, we dox people, they get violent, we prepare and get violent as well. Our skills will have them running in no itme.