U.N. Ambassador John Bolton Addressing Upcoming Assault on the Second Amendment


The Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education Inc. (S.A.F.E.) held their annual conference at the Sheraton in Hauppauge, Long Island, and the guest speaker was former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

If you read the local paper, Newsday, you would think the conference was merely a case of John Bolton endorsing Mitt Romney. That’s typical Newsday, not accurately portraying what really transpired at a non-liberal event.

The Newsday article went on about how little money was made but failed to mention the overflow crowd. They mentioned Bolton’s concerns about our loss of sovereignty and went immediately on to more mundane matters.

Bolton’s speech transcended the election and it went over the Newsday reporter’s head. The speech was about preserving our freedoms and our American exceptionalism. There is no other country with a Constitution like ours, a document which enshrines the true meaning of individual liberty.

Ambassador Bolton’s brilliance and eloquence were clearly apparent as he spoke without a teleprompter or even notes. He was speaking to New York conservatives and, while tacitly recognizing that New York is a liberal state, he said, “concede no state” in this election, “one of the most important in our lifetime.”

I believe the audience agreed but we are realistic in New York. We are not going to win over the millions in New York City, but we can keep Long Island and upstate New York from going under. We can fight and we can never give up. Things can change on a dime. The reality is that 2/3rds of New York City is unfriendly to freedom-loving Americans – they want the government to control every aspect of everyone’s life.

The U.N. which Ambassador Bolton dealt with was and is a corrupt organization living off the U.S. taxpayer dime. We fund 20% of their operations so they can spew hate towards us and our ally Israel.

It is an eye opener if you go to the U.N. Walk around some time. It is the belly of the hate America crowd. There are signs everywhere in the building that blame America for all the world’s ills. They do hate us and they are not our friends.

Ambassador John Bolton was the man who dealt with the U.N. – no easy task. In the forty minutes or so in which he spoke at the firearms conference, he dealt with the hidden purpose of their treaties and Obama’s true intent with these treaties. He spoke to what a second term under Obama might look like.

Ambassador Bolton sees the media as “living in a bubble” when they claim the presidential election is over but he emphasized that “this election will take place in the real world.”

He believes that if President Obama wins the election, “the next four years will be the worst our nation has ever seen.” He referenced the open mic moment between Obama and Medvedev to frame the discussion.

Here is that moment in case you have forgotten:

“Obama was talking about the anti-ballistic missile treaty (ABM treaty) here,” Ambassador Bolton said.

The anti-ballistic treaty was negotiated in 1972 between the former Soviet Union and the United States under the premise that barring Washington and Moscow from deploying nationwide defenses against strategic ballistic missiles would be a ‘substantial factor in curbing the race in strategic offensive arms.’

Upon taking office, Ambassador Bolton and President Bush said Washington and Moscow no longer needed to base their relationship on their ability to destroy each other and announced that the United States would withdraw from the ABM Treaty, stating that it prevented U.S. development of defenses against possible terrorist or “rogue-state” ballistic missile attacks. The United States withdrew from the treaty on June 13, 2002.

During his open mic moment, “President Obama was telling President Medvedev that after his last election, he would deal with the missile defense treaty.” Undoubtedly, he will resuscitate it

“Our national defense system has already been gutted by President Obama,” Ambassador Bolton continued, and to such an extreme that “we are kept from being able to even minimally protect ourselves from rogue states like Iran.”

“On the open mic, Obama was saying, give me space” until I will “have more flexibility,” the Ambassador stated.

“This open mic moment was a case of where a U.S. President negotiated for himself, saying in effect that he just needed to get past the pesky voters so he can give up what he hasn’t given up so far. The message was that President Obama does not represent us.”

The Ambassador joked, “You can bet that Medvedev did relate that to Putin and they drank a little Vodka over it.”

The open mic comment goes beyond missile defense, said Ambassador Bolton. “It tells us what a second term of Obama would be like in all domestic and national concerns. President Obama is somewhat contained because there is a political cost for him if he goes too far but after his last election, there are no political consequences for him personally. In other words, he is just getting started and we have not seen the worst.”

“Obama told us that the war on terror was over. In the last three weeks, we have seen Obama’s foreign policy collapsing. A terrorist attack in Libya. In Cairo, the embassy was breached and the U.S. flag was replaced with the black flag of Al Qaeda.” Riots and protests are occurring throughout the world, all in opposition to U.S. policies.

“Why not have adequate security at the consulate?” Ambassador Bolton asked. Is what we’re seeing a “cover up” or “is it a reflection of Obama’s basic worldview which is so divorced from reality that it does not conform to the world as it is?” The latter is the more concerning because “the risks are far more acute. We can’t have a president who does not understand the reality of our situation in the world.” [This editor believes it is both]

“The small arms treaty was a multi-year effort by the U.N. to implement domestic gun control and the U.S. was on the verge of signing it when Bush came into office. It was a good example of the left getting their way on gun control by taking it to a different venue – internationalizing it,” Ambassador Bolton stated.

“The U.S. is the only country that has a second amendment and that is what American exceptionalism is all about.”

“The U.N. has 193 members, each with a vote, we have only one vote.” With these treaties, we are at the mercy of the U.N. members and they “can now achieve objectives that they could never get by our congress.”

“In 2001, that was the situation. The U.N. talked about international flow but they really meant to make sure private citizens couldn’t get guns to rebel against abusive governments (like the Contra affair).

To be effective, the U.N. said it has to necessarily intrude into the domestic area while falsely claiming they were not trying to hurt our second amendment.”

Ambassador Bolton said that most importantly “no treaty can be agreed to that would violate the principles of our second amendment. Our constitution must be superior. This was never mentioned before.”

That simple truth “cut to the heart of the gun control crowd. The left acted as if I did something wrong,” Bolton said. This condition which he set forth “brought the treaty to a halt. The one failure, and not a small one, was the U.N. was able to schedule another conference five years down the road.”

The small arms treaty is back with a new name, The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). “It has the same objectives and does not visibly inflict domestic gun control but it will eventually greatly affect our domestic rights.”

The tactic of the left is to keep coming back until they wear down the opposition or keep getting more and more countries to sign on until they can come back to our senate saying you and Somalia are the only countries who haven’t signed it, to paraphrase the Ambassador.

This tactic by the left reaches beyond the second amendment into other areas such as the death penalty.

Ambassador Bolton:

“The U.N. is opposed to the death penalty. They point out that Europe doesn’t have one but China and the United States do, “putting pressure on our debate. They could never affect our belief systems any other way.”

Other areas are reproductive health when they really mean abortion.

They push environmental initiatives to put the environment under global dominance using the context of a larger threat.

For every domestic issue, including financial issues, there is someone who wants to send more authority to the international arena.

[This editor would add the Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty]

“These treaties are an assault on our sovereignty.”

Global governance is an assault on who we are as Americans.

“We the people…is not an abstract phrase for Americans. Those are the defining words of who we are. We are not going to give up our sovereignty. There is no higher authority than our Constitution. That is American exceptionalism. Global governance cannot be allowed.”

“Obama has told us how he feels about American exceptionalism. He has said he is a “citizen of the world. He believes it,” Ambassador Bolton continued.

“President Obama told us be believes in American exceptionalism as the British believe the British are exceptional, as the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism,” the Ambassador said, “He could have gone on with that, mentioning every nation. He is saying that he believed in our exceptionalism in the first part of the sentence and with the second part, he took it back – everybody is exceptional, therefore nobody is exceptional.”

The actual phrase:

In 2009, when asked by a Financial Times journalist whether he believed in American exceptionalism, Obama replied that he believed in it “just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

“Most remarkable was Obama’s D-Day speech in 2009 when it was compared to Ronald Reagan’s 40th commemoration speech on D-Day.

Evan Thomas said about Obama’s speech that in in 1984 we were the good guys but it hasn’t felt that way in recent years.”

Ronald Reagan’s Speech Commemorating D-Day:

[If we lose our freedom, who will help us if not ourselves?]

President Obama’s D-Day speech in 2009:

“Ronald Reagan was all about the United States. Obama is above that, he is not provincial…he stands above the country, he is like a god who is above patriotism,” Bolton said.

“That is what Obama meant when he told Medvedev he would be more flexible after his last election.”

“He hasn’t moved on the second amendment because he couldn’t take a chance in his first term until after he has gotten past the electorate.”

“There are only two choices this election, the most important election of our lifetime. A third party and staying home are a vote for Obama”.

The media has decided the election is over. Bolton brought up the Bush election and the recount. Bolton said the labor lawyers tried to steal the election. It was a close vote and it was the “worst 31 days” of Ambassador Bolton’s life. “The labor lawyers were well-prepared, they were better dressed than our lawyers…” Bolton said. “A State was very close to losing their votes to labor union lawyers.”

Ambassador Bolton asked everyone to do just a little bit more because in the end it is up to us to keep our freedoms.


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