U.N. Elders Organizing to Push Universal Healthcare in the United States


Gro Harlem Brundtland

Globalist Ban Ki-Moon and leftist activist and former prime minister of Norway Gro Brundtland, no friends to the United States, are part of an ‘elite’ group at the U.N. called the ‘elders’. They are emboldened by the left in this country as they are now demanding we implement universal healthcare.

Single Payer will be the end of the Republic and we are almost there.

These two old socialists organized a “walk together” in New York City to promote for Health for All at Bellevue Hospital.

“A citizen movement for Health for All is gaining steam in the US and around the world.”

The campaign they have put together, which will be ongoing, includes far-left New Yorkers: New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera, Chair of the New York Assembly Committee on Health Richard Gottfried, CEO of Last Mile Health Raj Panjabi, and CEO of City Health Works Manmeet Kaur.

These U.N. dictators are going to tell us what’s in our best interests. They are demanding taxpayers be forced to pay for an unsustainable burdensome entitlement.

Healthcare for all paid for by taxpayers is not in our Constitution last I looked.

Brundtland and Ki-Moon would have been dismissed, even reviled, in the old United States, the one where people respected the foundation of our society and our Republic — freedom.

The infamous Agenda 21 began in 1987 with the writings of Gro Harlem Brundtland as Vice President of the World Socialist Party. It is being spread throughout the United States by an organization known as ICLEI, a movement which is ripping across our country at breakneck speed.

Ban Ki-Moon is a rabid leftist who thinks the government should educate our children and Americans must give up all their guns.

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6 years ago

As long as these people receiving the blessings of Barack and Michelle Obama’s shadow government, they will continue to feel empowered.