U.N. Global Commission Wants Worldwide Prostitution – Drugs Are Okay Too – It Will Cure AIDS


A U.N. Global Commission on HIV AIDS, a panel of 15 “experts” which met in 2010, is just now releasing its final report which recommends the worldwide legalization of prostitution and the decriminalization of voluntary drug use as a cure for the HIV AIDS epidemic.

This decision coincides with recommendations from a Kaiser family report. I hope these “experts” weren’t paid much. Whatever they were paid, it was too much. At least I know it isn’t just the United States that is going crazy.

They don’t see pimps or lack of education as the problem so much as the laws.

…the law can also do grave harm to the bodies and spirits of people living with HIV,” the report says. “It can perpetrate discrimination and isolate the people most vulnerable to HIV from the programmes that would help them to avoid or cope with the virus.”

The report also says that by “dividing people into criminals and victims or sinful and innocent, the legal environment can destroy the social, political, and economic solidarity that is necessary to overcome this global epidemic…

Therefore, we must all make prostitutes, pimps and druggies feel good by telling them what they are doing is fine. This is the best they could come up with?

The 15 “experts” think there is one solution for the world – that is too dumb a concept to address.

These are lazy solutions by lazy people looking for one big global solution that will work for 7 billion diverse people.

The irony of all this is that the U.N. NGO’s, with their lack of morals and with plenty of money to spend, are the ones taking the most advantage of prostitutes. They are helping prostitution flourish.

Salon.com reported that prostitution is booming in South Sudan partly due to the presence of thousands of international aid workers and particularly UN soldiers, who are mostly men.